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Movie/Music Monday…Soundtrack to Shoot to Thrill

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I’m jamming along with Shoot to Thrill, so I thought I’d share my soundtrack.  I listen to a TON of different music, so putting together a soundtrack is always one of the fun parts of writing a book.  Soooo, in no particular order:

  • Shoot to Thrill, AC/DC
  • Drift & Die, Puddle of Mudd
  • Wonder, Natalie Merchant
  • Bitch, Meredith Brooks
  • Baby Get Lost, Dana Owens
  • No Time to Kill, Clint Black
  • Sinner’s Prayer, Sully Erna (isn’t that the BEST name ever?)
  • The Warrior, Scandal
  • Invincible, Pat Benetar
  • (Don’t You) Forget About Me, Simple Minds
  • Enter Sandman, Metallica
  • Run this Town, Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West
  • Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachaln
  • King of Sorrow, Sade
  • What a Girl Wants, Christina Aguilera
  • Somebody Already Broke my Heart, Sade
  • Smooth, Santana featuring Rob Thomas
  • Here to Stay, Pat Methany Group
  • Human Nature, Michael Jackson
  • Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
  • Heaven, Los Lonely Boys
  • Turn Me On, Norah Jones
  • Cold, Annie Lennox
  • Sound of Madness, Shinedown
  • At Last, Etta James
  • Carnival, Natalie Merchant
  • Why, Annie Lennox
  • The Closer I Get to You, Fourplay
  • 183 Miles, Pru
  • Stranglehold, Ted Nugent
  • Boys of Summer, Don Henley
  • Guitars, Cadillacs, Dwight Yoakum
  • Twilight Zone, Golden Earring
  • Meet Me at Midnight, Diana Muldaur
  • Don’t Dream it’s Over, Crowded House
  • True, Spandau Ballet
  • If You Only Knew, Shinedown
  • Constant Craving, k.d. lang

Thoughts?  Anything I should consider adding?

Happy Easter,.spring gardening and a word count update!

Happy Easter, everyone! It was muy blucky  here today, so we went to brunch and then kind of lazed around. Part of that  was because we went into a backyard demolition frenzy yesterday, and got a  years-overgrown herb garden completely demo’d, refortified the existing dirt,  and then planted the beginnings of a new garden in addition to moving a bunch  of semi-large rocks in to border it (think too big to move by hand, but fits in  a wheelbarrow). Both kinda sore today, but it was that good kind of sore from  putting in physical labor, which neither of us gets much in our daily desk  jobs.

Colored eggs last night because  apparently we’re still ten years old at heart *G*, and I got Peeps this morning  in my Easter basket, so all is right in my world.

Also got 1500 words written today on  Shoot to Thrill, for a grand total of 4700 this week! That made me really  happy, since I haven’t had significant word count in quite a long time, so this definitely jazzed me up and got me back on track.

So how was YOUR Easter??

TABT, Worth the Trip by Penny McCall

This is a backlist book, but I’d enjoyed one of McCall’s books before, so decided to try her again.
This is a fun, fast story with a lot of quick wit, banter and danger. It reminded me a lot of my favorite TV show Bones, in that Norah (the heroine) understands exactly who she is in the beginning, only to learn something completely different as the story progresses. She becomes stronger, more of a whole woman even as she realizes there’s no way Trip will be around when it’s all said and done. Trip was adorable–alternately confounded and turned on by Norah and it was a blast to watch him go down, and go down hard *G*.

Currently watching…Jericho

Yeah, this series is hella old, but it’s been something in my Netflix queue for a good long time, and just became available “instantly”.

As a whole, Jericho is a bit frustrating for me.  I LOVE the character growth, the revelations that come from each episode and the continuing story arc.  What I don’t like so much?  That they all look like Housewives or the men from Housewives.  Seriously.  Everyone is perfect, unless they’re supposed to be roughed up, and then they’re purple on a monumental scale.  In one episode I noticed that one of the women still had a French manicure, supposedly months after the world blows up.  Made me giggle a bit, to be honest.

Now, having said that, I am enjoying the series immensely.  For a major network, this story is taking risks I don’t normally associate with non-cable TV, and I look forward to each episode.  I’m almost through the first season and can’t wait to see where they go with it…especially as I wait for Season 6 of Bones and Season 4 of Eureka…

On changing titles and government budgets…

In happy news, I’m still gainfully employed by the DoD, which was obviously a bit of a concern.  The only good thing that would have come out of a government shutdown would be the fact I was going to work on my WiP, but I’ll take the steady paycheck, thanks *G*.

Upon reviewing the # of books out there with the title Kiss Me Deadly, decided to go with something else…Shoot to Thrill.  Heard it on the radio and thought it was kismet.  I’m 46K deep now, and am hoping to produce 1K/day for at least the next two-three weeks to get the first draft complete.  Over the last week I did first-round revisions (even though the first round wasn’t done yet), and  found what had been holding me up.  Are you ready?  I didn’t know what the heroine majored in in college.  Goofy?  Maybe, but what made it even sillier was the fact that as soon as I figured it out consciously, I found all the places  where I’d been manifesting it through her actions and words.  Felt kinda goofy, to be honest!!

Anyway, that seems to have broken the block I’ve had, and I can see the book through to the end now.  Hopefully I’ll be telling you I’m done soon!