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Coming up for air…and hopefully hanging around!

For the last little bit–okay, big bit–I’ve been absent for one ginormous reason…been working two day jobs.  Yeah, in today’s climate, that’s a pretty obnoxious thing to complain about, but it’s not like I’ve been paid for both (sigh), and my brain is waaaaay tired.  Anyway, yesterday was my last day of wearing two hats (kinda).  I’ll be doing the main day job now, with dollops of the old one, but only dollops *G*, instead of a 80/80 spread  (yeah, I know the math doesn’t add up…do you own figuring as to why I haven’t been writing).

Anyway, over the next few weeks I hope to dive back into both writing and blogging…found some superfantastic music to talk about, as well as my ongoing search for something to watch on NetFlix, so I’ll be back at least twice a week starting next week!

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

(Copyright 2011 Michael Clothier)

I turned the corner of the busy New York street and saw them there, half a block down.  Keith knelt, presenting Dauphin with a single, perfect red rose.

Satisfaction welled within me.  Their first date five months ago had gone well.  I usually leave well enough alone after that, let nature take its course, but that cold bitch Winter had been especially strong this year, tried to interfere with her relentless wind and snow.  In retaliation (I so despise Winter) I gave them a bit of a friendly nudge into a New Year’s Eve kiss for the ages, when both thought themselves angry with the other.

Ah, but now Spring was sending forth her first buds, and Winter would be happily vanquished in lieu of a beautiful spring and stunning summer.  And Keith and Dauphin?  Married by fall, unless I missed my guess.

I passed them and whistled a happy tune.  Another couple paired, another feather for my arrow.  An arrow I’d soon nock as a different couple spied each other for the first time and felt the pull, the hope, the yearning, of something more.

Damn, I love being Cupid, but never more than on St. Valentine’s Day!

Blizzards, Buffy and writing (deja vu)

So this time around we got schwacked, rather than Oklahoma City, which means a day off at the very least because the side roads are completely jacked up.  Not  so bad for me in my 4×4, but for anyone in a car, they’re SOL.

Here’s me in the back yard before we shoveled a path out to the garage.  The measurement on the tape is 10″, but that area is in the lee of the house a bit.  When I walked further into the yard, it was at least 14″, so we got a bit and then some!

Feb 2011 snowstorm, Oklahoma

Tried to watch more of Buffy last night, but gave up about midway through the first season.  Just not getting it.  Maybe I’m too far removed from high school, and since I don’t have kids, don’t have the frame of reference.

As for writing, started out the week really well, and am gonna dive in and get a bit more done today with the History Channel on in the background.  Updated wordcount as of this morning is in the sidebar.

So what’s YOUR weather like??

On Blizzards, Writing progress and Buffy

So we survived this year’s blizzard relatively unscathed, just hung out in the house and wrote while the hubster watched a Frasier marathon.  I’m SUPER pleased to announce I kicked butt today and wrote 1671 new words and did a bunch of research and plotting, so meeting my 500/day wordcount should be attainable for the month of Feb, if not even more.

Right now I’m watching the first episode of Buffy as a reward on Netflix.  Yes, I know I’m quite possibly the last person in the world to watch this series, especially since I’ve already seen most of the Angels’ out there.  I always love to fall into a new series, and have powered my way through both Bones and Eureka in the past few months.

Actually looking forward to work tomorrow since I’m starting a new job, cross fingers for me!