Survived Christmas, and writing update!

We made it through Christmas with our sanity reasonably intact (tho that’s certainly open to interpretation).  Did some shopping and such this morning, then I parked on the sofa and did some promo/Liquid Silver work as well as critting for a friend.

Then I drug out the whiteboard and updated where I thought I needed to go with Kiss Me Deadly, since I’m really close to the middle, which is probably why I’ve been stalling *G*.  I think it helped me out tremendously, but I guess we’ll see if I avoid the dreaded sagging middle.

Got 1750 words done in about an hour, and they were all “good” words, so I’m pretty pleased.  Even though this book is in first person (the heroine’s POV), I think the hero comes through pretty clearly, though that’ll probably be my biggest area of rewrites on the next pass after I type “the end”, just to make sure I get him right.

Tomorrow we de-Christmasize the house, and on Tuesday the hubster heads back to work for a few days, so I’m gonna try to continue the 1500 word minimum/day at least through the New Year, tho I can see myself doing significantly more on the days I’m alone *G*.

Okay, now off to watch an episode of Eureka on Netfix as my reward, before I head to bed.

Talk atcha soon!

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