Merry Christmas to all!

Taking a moment here while the hubster is at Mass to drop in and say Hi, and wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Been hella busy getting set up for the holiday, and doing a bit of writing.  I’ll be by myself for a few days next week, and my hope/plan is to finish the first draft on Kiss Me Deadly and get it out to my beta readers after the first of the year.  Cross fingers!

As a bit of the “year in review”, I weighed in before I started the holiday break, and lost ten pounds over the last year!  While not the twenty-five I’d set my goal as, I’ll take anything I can get, and now I’m resetting my goal for 2011 at twenty-five pounds.  We’ll see what happens…it took me 19 years of steady meals to gain the weight, so I don’t expect to lose it in a flash *G*.

Have a fabulous Christmas, and I’ll talk to you next week!

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