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Writing update…NaNoWriMo Fail (but that’s okay)

So for the month of November I got just over 11,000 words written, which makes me exceedingly happy.  I spent this evening going over the manuscript from beginning to middle, to reconnect myself with the story, because this is my “experiment” book, in that I was trying to write straight through.  I think I did myself a disservice, to be honest.  I pooped out of NaNoWriMo because I lost the connection with my characters I normally have as I work through a book from start to finish several times.

What do I mean by that? Well, for starters, I don’t plot.  I’ve tried it, and every single time the story craps out on me.  Probably because I enjoy finding out what’s going on with the characters as it’s happening.  Part of my “process” is going back to reread and tweak chapters as I go.  Because of that, I’m always connected to my characters’ motivations, their physical appearance, all that jazz, because the story is alive in my head.  And because I’m constantly tweaking, by the time I write “The End”, it’s not a first draft, but rather something that can go out to my critique partners immediately for their poking and prodding.

In this case, I lost sight of my characters and the plot itself.  I’d written several really good red herrings into it I completely forgot about, as well as some characterizations I need to capitalize on as I finish the book.

Right now I’m at 38,000 in what’s probably going to be a 75,000-ish story, so just over halfway there.  But as I read through the first half tonight, I took a page and a half of notes of things I needed to ensure were built into the last half, in addition to beginning to firm up how the last book in the trilogy was going to start, and where my initial thoughts were as to motive, etc.  Didn’t need to do that a ton in the first book, but to make the middle book important and relevant in it’s own right, I need to make sure the folks populating it are doing the right, logical things that’ll resonate not only in this book, but in Lunatic Fringe.

If nothing else, NaNoWriMo taught me that it can be a fun challenge, and one I’ll take every year, just to dynamite my ass out of complacency, but at about Day 10, I’ll be going back to reread what I’ve written!

NaNoWriMo Fail…sigh

So I totally crapped out of Week 2. Got about 750 words written over the weekend, but between the day job, activities around the house and just general life, the 1700 word-a-day gig just wasn’t happening. I’ll start again tomorrow and see what happens, but unless I get a freakish bit of creativity over the next two weeks, not gonna make up the deficit.

Oh well…this was my first go at it, and so far I’ve logged 10K words, which is more than I’ve written at one stretch in a hella long time. I’m going to try for the NaNoWriMo “goal” over the next two weeks and see if I can’t crank out at least another 15-20K, which might very well be the end of the book, which would be hella cool!

Monday Murder Mystery Chat

Join me and a bunch of ultra-cool mystery/suspense writers tomorrow at the Samhain Cafe for our monthly Monday Murder Mystery Chat! It’ll be fun, and I can guarantee there’ll be prizes! It’s 11-2 (eastern time) and 7-9 pm (eastern again). Hope to see you there!

NaNoWriMo Update, Day 7

On Thursday I was completely blank when it came to new words, so instead I sat down and put together my soundtrack.  I’m at 35,000 words on this particular book, so the characters are really gelling in my mind and on paper by now, and have developed most of their quirks, so it’s time to redefine the playlist.

Took Friday and Saturday off completely, tho I felt like an utter veg for doing so.

Today I dedicated myself to writing in between running errands and kitchen duty, and logged over 4100 words, which I thought was pretty darned good, especially since I started the day out writing the initial sex scene between my characters.  For some reason it was like pulling teeth (which is probably why I stalled on Friday and Saturday), but I got through the initial draft and actually learned something about my characters by the time I was done, so that’s always fun.

Consequently, I’m still a bit behind as  a whole, but planning to make it up by hitting at least 1800 words a day from now on, and hunkering down over our upcoming 4-day weekend!

NaNoWriMo Update…

Woot!  Was a little short on day 2 (1280 words), but made up for it last night with a whopping 1800 words, so back on track at 4900 words for three days.  I’m finding it much easier to come upstairs and write at the actual desktop than my laptop for this challenge.  Not sure why, but since it’s working, I’m not gonna ding it.


In other news, headed to the podiatrist today to try and figure out if I really have plantar fasciitis, or am just being an  incredible wuss.  For about the last two weeks I’ve been in almost constant “limp” mode, which makes exercise unfathomable.  Interestingly enough, it doesn’t hurt when I wear three-inch heels. Go figure.  Sigh…

NaNoWriMo, Day 1

Wrote 1870 on what’s now been tentatively retitled Kiss Me Deadly (because Invisible Touch just seemed like a wussy title). Wish me luck for Day 2!