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Writers…Do Your Research!! Warning, mini rant ahead

So I picked up a book I’d been happily anticipating, and even hoarding–and then it hit the wall (literally) approximately four minutes later. In those four minutes, the author made seven, YES, SEVEN, mistakes about not only the military base she was writing about, but the rank structure, military protocols, even the base itself…pretty much everything that had anything to do with the scene.  Hell, the hero (an officer) boinked an enlisted woman, but never once thinks about conduct unbecoming or fraternization.  Really?  Even our most green lieutenants know it’s not only forbidden fruit, but this guy is supposed to be a mid-level officer and it never even crosses his mind.

As you can tell, this pisses me off mightily. Think fingernails on a chalkboard.

Why? Not because the author got it wrong, but because she was lazy. For goodness sakes, if you’re writing a book with any kind of military storyline in it, pick up the phone and call a Public Affairs office!   Or better yet, contact one of the RomVets and ask them. If nothing else, they’ll know a beta reader who’d LOVE to read your book as an “expert”.

Hell, for Behind Blue Eyes, I actually called the Dallas PD and asked them the questions I couldn’t find answers to on their website.  And for my short erotic story Blink of an Eye, I hunted around and found a pararescue guy willing to answer my questions.

Pick up the phone, peeps!! GRRRR

I’ll never buy another book by this author, and she’s quite well regarded, but now she’s on my do no buy list.

Why do I do this to myself?

Specifically, watch a movie I KNOW will make me cry like a little girl? Last night the Sixth Sense was on cable, and I was being fussy, not feeling much like writing, so I settled in to watch. It’d been awhile since I saw this flick, so maybe I forgot it’s ability to turn me into a blubbering mess. (Phenomenon with John Travolta has the same effect)

So now, this morning, my eyes are all puffy and I REALLY felt like rolling over and smacking the snooze a time or three. What movies get YOU right in the gut?

Movie/Music Monday: Dexter

Thought I’d reprise my old Movie/Music Monday to talk a bit about our latest obsession…Dexter.

August and I started watching this about a month ago, and got totally hooked.  I’d actually previewed the first episode on my laptop when I was in Tennessee last year, but it took me waaaay too long to bring the hubster into the fold.

We now watch three or four nights a week as we’re eating dinner.  Weird dinner viewing?  Maybe, but we’re kinda freakish that way…our library consisted of true crime books and horror novels long before I ever started writing *G*.

Anyway, we’re totally hooked.  We’d probably watch an entire DVD if we let ourselves, but instead we’re exercising control and just watching one per night.

We both love Dexter himself, and are a little twitchy about Deb.  I think it’s her outright desperation…it’s almost uncomfortable to watch, but we’ve all known someone like her, I suppose.  The fact that in real life, she’s actually Michael C. Hall’s wife is just a little too weird *G*, but that’s kinda the watchword for this show, isn’t it?

My other fav character is Doakes.  There’s something going on there, maybe something with the CIA…I dunno (and don’t tell me!  LOL) but I can’t wait to figure it out.  My biggest fear now is that we’ll power through the episodes so fast we’ll “catch up” to the new stuff being released, and since we don’t subscribe to Showtime, will then be left dangling.

So what other great shows should we watch after we finish this one?


Woohoo!  It’s release day over at Samhain Publishing for my newest book, Behind Blue Eyes.  There are excerpts and all sorts of goodness, to include a release-day sales price, so check it out!!