Monthly Archives: July 2010

Last Week’s Productivity

So I exceeded my goal of 3,000 words a bit–got 3,500 done, which made me pretty darned happy.  They were even “good” words, if not perfect ones (see previous post).  The story took a sharp curve I hadn’t expected, which was actually very fun…got to torture my hero a bit, AND use the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City as a setting.

One of my bestest friends and I (hi Rinda!!) stayed there last month and it was simply divine, so putting it in the book makes it that much more fun.

This week is kinda crazy at the day job, so I’m gonna stick with my 3,000 word goal for the time being, and then if I exceed it regularly, I’ll bump it up again.

Actually finishing the book…trying something new

With Invisible Touch I’m trying something new…actually finishing the book without going back to tweak everything in creation. Since I’m a pantser, I rarely consciously know where a book is going. I know the majority of the elements I want to introduce, and who my main and secondary characters are, but usually that’s about it. Consequently, I usually find myself going back over what I’ve written at least two dozen times in the initial draft, just to make sure the flow is working, and that I’m putting in necessary elements as I discover them down the road in my process. And of course, to remember what the heck I wrote, since I don’t plot anything *G*

As I’m writing this book now, though, I’m finding that I KNOW I’m writing a skeleton draft, and that I’ll be going back to put in wads of stuff.  This is a first for me.  For example.  Right now I’m at 21K of an 80K(ish) book.  However, in actual “story”, I’m probably at 30 or even 35K because of all the layering, flavor and texture I need to weave in.  I can easily see myself writing “the end” at 50 or 55K and then fleshing it out, which is a total experiment for me.

I just hope like hell it works out, because I love the CASI world, and Arin and Jonah are too fun to write about.  Oh, and adding Monica’s angst and Farrell’s almost-disintegration is actually turning out to be more fun than I’d expected *G*.

And hey, if you read Behind Blue Eyes (out 3 August from Samhain…yeah, blatant plug), then you’ll actually have a clue as to what the heck I just said!  LOL!

Wordcount progress

Got 2700 words written last week on Invisible Touch, which was really darned good considering I also sent out an editing job *and* the final ARCs for Behind Blue Eyes. This week I’m setting my goal at 3000, and with any kind of luck I can keep bumping up until I hit a really nice comfort zone. It’s been a long time since I wrote with any kind of regularity, and with quitting smoking, I’m just not sure what my new baseline will be. Cross fingers for me!

Setting up a schedule

I think one of the things I’ve let hold me back a bit the last year is the fact I drifted away from my schedule. I’ve found I’m most productive when I force myself to complete something within a set time, which is kind of ironic considering I’m a pantser when it comes to writing. In light of that revelation, this week I’m trying an experiment in time management…one hour of writing, one hour of editing and then one hour to play, answer e-mails & whatnot every night (to include writing my blog post). We’ll see what happens!

Blogging procrastination

So obviously I haven’t been around for forever and three days, at least when it comes to blogging and my Yahoo newsletter.  Part of that is the whole mentality of “sheesh, I haven’t posted in three months, so why should I today” which then leads in to “why would anyone even care what I’m blogging about anyway?”  And thus begins the death spiral *G*.

I finally pulled my head out enough to realize that I actually enjoy blogging, but allowed myself to become paralyzed with what my first post “back” would be about.

Obviously, it’s about apologizing for being a wallflower *G*.

Anyway, I won’t be posting every day, but I’d like to pop in a few times a week just to say hi or give a book review or my word count (when I’m writing).

It’s good to be back!