Monthly Archives: April 2010


Howdy!  I know it’s been hella long since I’ve posted anything that didn’t have to do with a contest.  Part of it is the old “hunker down and wait it out” mentality of not writing.  Haven’t done a ton of it in what seems like forever.

BUT, I just finished the first-round of edits for my August Samhain release, Behind Blue Eyes, and it felt damned good!  I loved the story just as much as when I wrote it, and Tera (my editor) didn’t tear me a new one *G*, so that raised my confidence level a ton.

Since I’ve only got one editing job on the horizon, I think I’m gonna dabble a bit this week with my WiP and see what strikes me.

Regardless, I’m NOT going back into my cave again.  I’ll be popping in here at least weekly to update on my writing progress (because, dammit, I WILL have some) and once a month I’ll talk about the lifestyle changes the hubby and I have made and how they’re progressing (more on that later this week).