Writing joy…

My total for last weekend was a whopping 9.5K and I actually really liked all the words, to include two scary-hot love scenes.  It was kinda weird writing them while football was on and the hubby about three feet away, yelling at the TV *g*. 


Current word count stands at just over 22K.  I think figuring out who the baddie was helped *g*.  I had a vague idea of their identity, but as I wrote, it coalesced.  So basically what I’m gonna do is write straight through to the end, then go back and layer a bit more suspense in.  As a novella coming in at around 30K, I can’t make it overly complicated, especially since the sex is ultra-hot (if I do say so myself), and because this is an erotic romance, takes center stage.  Still, I just can’t write stories that are boink-fests…I’ve gotta have a plot in there, some element of danger, otherwise it just doesn’t work for me.


Starting on Sunday, I’m in Montgomery, Alabama for the week for day-job training, so I’ll pop on when I can, but I’m not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have.  If nothing else, I’ll get a ton of writing done!

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