Working on View to a Kill….

I took two days off this week (today and tomorrow) because the office is dead with everyone gone on Spring Break.  My express purpose in life is to re-read View and re-insert all the punches I pulled when I went through and cleaned it up.

Why?  Because my RWA chapter had a mini-conference with an agent and editor this last weekend, and that was one of the big things that I gleaned from them…DON’T pull any punches…  Since I have a request from both the agent and the editor for View to a Kill, I’m going to do my damndest to make sure Sara (the first-person narrator) comes through like I meant her to originally.

In the past I’ve been accused (during the contest circuit) of writing characters who are a bit unsympathetic, at least in the habits they choose.  By that I mean they smoke, they drink, and they usually have less-than-Emily-Post language traits.  Okay, anti-Emily-Post language traits *g*.  But you know what?  Those are the kind of people I’m around every day…less-than-perfect women who live life to its fullest, because tomorrow they might be deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, or someplace we haven’t even heard of yet.

Part of me has to wonder why it’s okay for our romance heroes to do those kind of things, but not the heroines.  Seriously, I’m not writing for an inspirational line, or even series, so why is it that a strong, not-so-perfect heroine is a bad thing?

I think with the emergence of the now-defunct Harlequin Bombshell line and the surging popularity of urban fantasy, heroines like mine may finally have a place beyond small press.  One can only hope!

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