Word count update…kicking ass and taking names…

I took Thursday and Friday of this week off because we’ve got a bigwig coming to the base and I didn’t want to get caught up in the folderol.  So this morning I finished up an editing job, had lunch with the hubster, and then sat down and wrote.  And wrote and wrote.  As I type this bad boy in right now, I’m at 3000 words, and Into the Fire is up to almost 16K.  Tomorrow I’d like to do 5K, and then at least 2.5K on Saturday and Sunday, which, theoretically, would put me at 26K, and damn close to the end of this novella, if not there completely.  Yeah for me!  Now let’s see if I can meet my own challenge!

**updated**  clicking the laptop closed with 5K under my belt for the night!!!

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