Word Count Update and such…

Woohoo!  I’m up to 8K on Live & Let Die!  I’ve even figured out who my bad guy is, which has happened with the last two books, so either I’m growing as a writer (which is kinda what I’m hoping), or I’ve just got these books so much in my head that I’m figuring it out early and instinctually.


I’m hoping to jam out a bunch over the rest of the week and the weekend, tho I’ve got a gig on Sunday for a few hours with the historic district we live in.  Hey, if nothing else, maybe it’ll give me some other ideas *g*.


So I was perusing Amazon and Fictionwise this week after I hit my word count, and I’m seeing a ton of witch and demon stories out there.  Since I’ve been writing about witches for eight years, and had a demon book fully plotted out before I got sidetracked by View to a Kill…I have to wonder if what that editor at Berkley wasn’t right about me writing ahead of the curve.  Damn, that would be pretty freakin’ cool!!


Lastly, for anyone who buys at Fictionwise (like I do, for the “forever” library), Sea of Dreams was released there on Monday, so boogie over and grab a copy!!

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