The Kindness of Strangers…

So it’s weird the things that will kick-start not only your imagination, but your drive, both as a human and a writer (obviously specialized in my case *g*).  So here’s the skinny…hubby and I were looking to buy some porch furniture at Wally.  I was worried that it wouldn’t fit in the back of my Explorer, but was willing to give it a try. So we get to Wally, and the set we liked was $100 cheaper (too cool for us), so we bought it and the Wally folks helped us cart it out to the SUV.  A guy from a truck a few spaces down pitched in and tried to help us jam it into the back, but no doing.  The box was about two inches too tall.  Sigh.


So we ask the Wally folks if we can put our names on it and call one of our friends from the base with a traditional truck to help us out.  They said “sure” and our helper wandered off to his own vehicle.


I’m writing down all of our info on the box, and here comes our helper again, who asks where we’re going.  We tell him (keep in mind where we live is about 50,000 people, so everything is 15 minutes away…but still!) and he offers to pop the furniture in the back of his truck and follow us.


To say the very least we were completely floored at his generosity, as well as the other folks in the truck.  I’m sure they had someplace else they’d rather be on a beautiful Friday afternoon.  And it was Friday the 13th, no less. 


We accept their offer (because we’re not complete idiots) and sure enough, they follow us home and help us unload the furniture onto the lawn.  Handshakes and profuse thank you’s abounded and they went on their merry way.


Hubby and I put the furniture together then sat on the front porch and pondered.  In California (where we’re both originally from), an offer like that is unheard of.  Not only that, if the offer was made, your stuff would probably go in the opposite direction *g*!!


Soooo, long story short, THIS is why I absolutely adore Oklahoma, why we chose to retire here, rather than on the coast.  And damned if it didn’t totally reaffirm my belief in the kindness of strangers.

3 Responses to The Kindness of Strangers…

  • Stories like that make me homesick. I’d move back tomorrow if they would nix the state tax. 😉

    Texans are nice, too. But we have lost some of that living in a bigger population.

  • catslady says:

    I was so afraid you were going to say they went the other way lol. I live in Pittsburgh but we’re known for being friendly folk.

  • Hey, I’m California born and bred and I agree. You wouldn’t likely find such good neighbors here. Yay for your new furniture!

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