The Joys of Spring Break and a friend’s news!!

So one of my bestest writing buds has great news!!  Rinda got an agent (and a freakin’ wicked awesome one at that)!!  Yeah, Rinda!!

On my end, I took Wednesday and Thursday off to sit down and polish View to a Kill one last time before I sent it in on request to Harlequin and an agent.  I’m almost done now, and in the process, have lengthened it by almost 3,000 words…obviously I needed the distance since it was written *g*!

One thing I discovered in last week’s mini-con is that the old word count rules have been tossed, at least in some cases…you know the ones I’m talking about…25 lines per page, double spaced, Courier.  Now the 25 lines per page and the double spacing are still there, but not so much on the font.  Both the ladies I spoke with are all about using Times New Roman, which significantly decreases your “word count” when it comes to computing it in that method… OR, they said to just use the actual word count function in Word…

By that I mean that View, using the old way, stood at 88K.  Now it’s significantly less using TNR (I haven’t computed it recently, and won’t until I’m done), but the computer count is at 87K, and the “old” way is at 95K…dontcha just love the vagarities of this biz *g*???

Well, now I’m off to work (blech), but if it’s as dead as I expect, then I’ll work a half-day, come back and play with the hubby in the back yard getting ready for the real arrival of spring…today it’s supposed to be gorgeous, and the tomorrow, typical Oklahoma weather slinks in…rain.  Sigh…

Have a happy Easter, y’all!!

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  • relliott4 says:

    I’ve always preferred Times Roman and was aiming for a certain page count when my CP told me her publishers preferred the Word Count tool. I was shocked when I saw the difference in words. My manuscript is around 360 pages, yet the word count is 105,000!

    Thanks for the excitement over the agent. I’m still trippin’.

  • relliott4 says:

    Oh, I switched the font to courier once and the manuscript stretched way out–over 400 pages. It truly makes a difference.

  • Hey Terri,

    Like Rinda said, I’ve never once been asked for anything other than the computer word count. For everything. From everyone. My agent, my editor, and the editor for the anthology coming out this summer.

    And honestly, since everything’s electronic now, the font doesn’t matter, so long as it’s reasonable. I send mine in TNR, but my editor converts that to Courier because it’s easier for her to read. And she prints it in 1.5pt spacing, so that it weighs less.

    So really, don’t sweat over any of that.


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