TABT…Touch Me by Susan Lyons

Ann Montgomery can’t get enough of Adonis, her new massage therapist. He’s hot, he’s hard, and his big, warm hands are melting away every one of her inhibitions. Naked on his table, needing all he can give, Ann surrenders to his sensual touch in intimate sessions that have her begging for more.  Slowly, skillfully, Adonis unleashes a wild side of her-and a fierce desire that will never be satisfied in just one night.


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked this book up, and so it sat on my TBR pile for a bit.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a contemp erotic romance (since I read so many for Liquid Silver).  Whatever the reason, I’m *really* glad I decided to open this one up.  Ann and Adonis are fun, realistic characters that you root for pretty much from the get-go.  Their budding relationship is complicated by everyday stuff, making it all the more bittersweet and hard-hitting when their hearts finally recognize the truth.  This is a contemporary romance in the truest sense of the word…not a serial killer or paranormal creature to be found, though the erotic bent of it makes the story that much more complicated because of the “sex with no strings” agreement.


If you want a fun romp of a book that will make you smile, and then get a little weepy at the end, then definitely pick this one up.  I’ll be adding Ms. Lyons to my TBB list in the future!

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  • Susan Lyons says:

    Terri, I’m so glad my book finally made it to the top of your TBR pile, and that you enjoyed it. I loved writing about up-tight workaholic Ann, and Adonis’s efforts to loosen her up. I’m so glad you found the book fun, and that you also shed a tear or two at the happy ending.

    I’m just writing another book now, and I’ve reached that happy ending scene, and I’ve been sniffling over it myself. It’s always so satisfying when a couple who are meant for each other finally struggle through all the issues in their way and let their hearts speak to each other.

    Touch Me is the 3rd book in the Awesome Foursome series, and it was great fun writing about 4 very different girlfriends, each with her own issues to work through when she met her own special guy. I hope you’ll check out the rest of the books!


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