TABT…Tag, You’re It by Penny McCall


Alex Scott has been doing just fine on her own, studying mountain lions and living alone in a log cabin seventy-five miles from anywhere.  The last thing she needs is some cocky guy, even one with looks to die for, falling from the sky… All FBI Agent Tag Donovan wants is to find the mobster who killed his partner.  But when he finds himself pushed off a low-flying plane, only to land facedown in the snow in a hail of bullets, survival is the one thing on his mind.  Until he gets a good look at the beauty who drags him to safety.  Ignoring each other isn’t going to work when there’s no one else around—especially when Alex could be the key to solving Tag’s mystery.  And though Tag’s aching body wants nothing but bed rest, Alex’s smoky voice makes him think of more exciting uses for the bed.  And the table.  And—well, after all, he’s no snow angel…


This was a fun romp of a book, with well-drawn main characters and fun secondary folks.  The premise was interesting—a treasure hunt—and one that drew me in as I read.  Alex and Tag are wonderful together, both trying to make a life despite the roadblocks their pasts had thrown up.  One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Alex reveals that yes, she really is a beauty queen.  Never mind the fact she now lives in the hinterlands studying wildlife.  Tag’s response was priceless, and definitely made me smile.  If you’re looking for a book that’ll take you on a ride from the wild Colorado Rockies to Boston’s upper crust and make you laugh even as they dodge bullets, then pick this one up!

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