TABT…Silken Shadows by Jennifer St. Giles

In search of a vicious killer, a woman of psychic abilities and a sea captain are thrust into the realm of the supernatural. There they must trust in their own passion to survive the killer’s thirst.


A sensual, suspenseful takeoff from the Jack the Ripper mythos, St Giles completes her trilogy of the Andrews sisters with a bang.  Gemini and Dev light up the pages from their first encounter to their last.  Dev doesn’t quite know how to handle a strong woman he feels so much for, and Gemini’s outright refusal to bend to social mores is awesome.  The Jack the Ripper concept is nicely played and well-explained, adding a great mystery in addition to the hot lovemaking.  While you could certainly read this as a stand-alone, I recommend picking up the whole series…it’s simply fabulous, and the last chapter of the trilogy simply cements its total awesomeness *g*.  Yeah, I know that’s a goofy term (and a total Barney-ism) to apply to a series, but all of them are terrific!!

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