Recovering, and re-discovering old friends…

I’m still in recovery mode right now, so instead of working on new word count lately, I was revisiting two of my early books.  My publisher, Atlantic Bridge, wants me to revise and republish under the Liquid Silver imprint, so I drug them out and started looking at them with an eye toward revision.


As I read through Summerland, I realized I was the queen of headhopping and omniscient storytelling back in 1999.  The story itself is strong, but I can really see how a reviewer or two said they were distanced from the characters. Guess it takes some hindsight and a few years of writing practice to see the forest for the trees.  Brotherhood, on the other hand, seemed pretty damned tight, with the exception of overuse of my most favorite word in the world…that.  I had over 900 instances of “that” in an 80,000 word manuscript.  Not good at all.  At least most of them are trash usages, so it’s an easy fix. Unfortunately, since Brotherhood follows Summerland, I need to fix the first manuscript before I can sub both of them.


This week, as I pull myself out of the sickness haze, I’d like to get at least 4K written on my Fireman novella, in addition to doing any tweaks on View to a Kill my crit partners have prior to sending out the next round of agent queries.


So what are you up to?

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  • Well, hon, I loved both books, Summerland and Brotherhood. Summerland was the first book I read of yours and I loved it. If there were mistakes, I can’t remember them. It’s completely different when you’re reading a book for enjoyment rather than for critiquing. When there’s a great story, readers forgive the little errors. And I loved the story! So there!


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