Not so hot on the word count…

I didn’t do so well this week.  I only logged about 1500 words, which was kinda disappointing, but I got an editing job done, and a bunch of editorial director admin stuff finished, so now my slate is clean, baby!


The FiL is coming in tonight for a week, but I fully expect him and the hubster to be entranced by football this weekend, so I’m hoping to hit my 5K goal then, if not more.


Rinda, however, is freakin’ BOOKING, baby…she wrote over 8K in two days…I’m totally jealous, because I can remember the days when I did that (almost…I think my high two-day total was 6K)…usually over a holiday break or when I have the house to myself *g*.


Karen, according to her blog, got whacked by a migraine, which I can totally sympathise with, so come out of it soon, darlin’!!


Okay, back to the keyboard, because I WILL make my wordcount this week, and more, dammit!

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  • relliott4 says:

    You usually kick my ass on word count, so you’ll catch back up. I just hit a particularly fun part of the book to write and well, something about giving myself permission for a fast draft frees me up to just let it fly.

    Think I’ll do all my books this way because the fast draft starts rough, then gets better.

    And yes, I have the house mostly to myself–my kids are in school, I lost my job and am also under pressure (personal goal pressure) to get something else circulating… so I’m going to continue to book it. I want a sale soooo badly. 😉

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