Movie/Music Monday…The Brave One (2007)

The Brave One (2007) —  I watched The Brave One on HBO as part of their free weekend, and to tell you the truth, I found this movie fascinating.  At heart, it’s a basic vigilante flick, but because they made a woman the enforcer, it had a heart I hadn’t expected. Jodie Foster (as Erica Bain) was mesmerizing as a woman who realized, morally, that what she was doing was wrong, but felt, deep in her heart, that punishment need to be meted.


Terrence Howard (Detective Mercer) was, as always, fabulous, as a cop who assiduously follows the clues, and then has to decide, as a cop, what to do with them.


I found the dichotomy of the sexes especially apparent in the diner scene between Erica and Mercer, where both know what she’s done, but there’s no solid proof.  Erica gives him the go-ahead to pursue the “vigilante”, but only after knowing exactly who her next kill is going to be.


Much like most of Foster’s work, this movie resonates on a deep level…one that makes us question of the rights and wrongs of society, much like The Accused did. 


This was a great, mind-provoking movie, and one that I urge you to watch.

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