Movie/Music Monday…No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men (2007) — So we got back into date night (yeah!!!), and this was the first movie we chose.  It was totally worth it!!  I know some folks were disappointed with the ending, but to be honest, it worked for me because it was so brutally realistic.  Maybe I was just in the mood for something dark, and this fit the bill, but both the hubby and I loved this movie.  Llewellyn was an awesome anti-hero, as evidenced by his midnight desire to do the right thing, which only gets him in more trouble.  I was so into the movie and characters, I had no idea the actor portraying him was Josh Brolin, which tells you how believeable it was *g*.  Tommy Lee Jones was great as the laconic sheriff, totally in his element.  And Javier Bardem as the baddie…simply fabulous.  Seriously…hubby and I watch a ton of true crime stuff (as well as being serious students of the psyche) and they portrayed a psychopath to the Nth degree.  Woody Harrelson was great in his brief role, as was Stephen Root…yeah, they were minor players, but added to the whole quite well.


In the end, this movie is quite simply a battle between Llewellyn and Anton.  SPOILER…  The fact that neither wins the day…really…only makes it that much more realistic.  Hubby and I seriously debated whether the shootout toward the end was indeed the real deal, and I still have questions, but any flick that makes me actually think and ponder after the credits have rolled is great in my mind.


All in all, this is a seriously memorable movie.  Yes, it’s violent as hell (keep in mind one of my fave movies of all time is THE USUAL SUSPECTS, followed closely by RESEVOIR DOGS), but if you rent it thinking it’s gonna be hearts and flowers, then you obviously haven’t been reading enough reviews.


Keep in mind that this movie won the Oscar for best flick…when was the last time a feel-good movie did that?  Having seen The Departed, Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby, I can tell you it’s not often, at least not lately.


If you’re looking for a two-hour escape that’ll actually make you think and question both mores and morals, then this one is for you!

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