Movie/Music Monday…Drowning Pool, Soldiers

I knew this video was out there, and that Drowning Pool was giving a portion of their royalties to help returning troops in obtaining mental health counseling (and it’s much needed, trust me).  Thought you might like to see it, and if you get a chance, swing by This is For the Soldiers and sign the petition.  No moola involved, just your support.  I know folks have mixed opinions about the political nature of being in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’d like to hope that the majority of us support the troops, if not the reason they’re there.

I think the biggest travesty is that a bill for improved veterans healthcare has been languishing in Congress since last freakin’ year.  Granted, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna pass because we’ve been seriously ramping up mental health services, but sign the damned thing already!

Okay, end of mini-rant, hope you enjoy the video!

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