Kicking ass and taking names…word count update

Kicked major bootie this weekend on the word count…got 4K written over Saturday and Sunday, and finished up with an additional 2K on Monday.  Since it was a holiday, I’m counting it as part of the weekend, dammit *g*.


This one book has been a bit different for me because I’m writing at a higher level of sensuality, what Liquid Silver alls “Molten”…  This is definitely pushing my heat level index *g*!! In order to make the h/h’s relationship plausible, I had to make them old lovers, otherwise the progression was just too fast for me, as a writer.  Which of course meant I had to scrap the beginning at least three times while I figured it out. Sigh.  While it’s certainly been an experience so far, I guess my critique partners will be the ones to tell me if I’m totally gonzo for even trying this!

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