Checking back in…

Sorry for the absence last week.  As I noted on Friday, my modem went tango uniform, and pretty much put me out of biz for the week, since the DoD won’t let us look at blogs at work.  I got a ton of writing done this last week, pumping out 7300 words on Live and Let Die, which is well over my personal goal of 6000 words per week, so I’m pretty pleased with that.


I’m trying something new this time around…I’m just writing, balls to the wall, without going back to read anything.  Sure, here and there I’m going back and adding something in as it strikes me, but I suspect I’ll be going more into the notes function mode as the story progresses, so I don’t slow myself down.  In a pie-in-the-sky ideal, I’d love to have the draft done by the time I head to RWA in July, but we’ll see.  If I continue on the 6K a week, then it’s certainly feasible.


One thing that I thought was going to be a real challenge on this book was making Arin’s voice very distinct and different from Sara’s in View, since both stories are told in first person.  I think I’ve succeeded, but we’ll see what my critique partners say *g*.


And, I decided that I’m going to work on Omega Five simultaneously, as long as I get my word count done for the day.  We’ll see how that plays out, but since I’m already 5K deep on that one, it seems like the thing to do, especially since the characters are talking to me…and in no uncertain words *g*.

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