Back to the Keyboard…

As I said on Monday, I’m finally all caught up with my post-vacation e-mail and duties, so I’ve finally settled down at the keyboard.  I’ve been futzing around with ideas for a Keira novella I promised to do for Liquid Silver, so that’s been foremost on my plate, since I have a due date of 1 November.  But first I’ve gotta rework View a bit before sending it in to the agent and editor who requested it at Nationals.


With any kind of luck (and ass-in-chair, fingers-on-keyboard diligence), I’ll have View rewrites done by next week, then the first 5K of the fireman novella done by the end of the month, ideally more, but we’ll see how the words flow.


In the spinning ideas realm, I had a blast visiting my friend Rae Monet with Leigh and Skully, and over the course of us catching up, we actually plotted out a book based on my futuristic idea.  If we’ll actually do something with it (or me on a solo basis) remains to be seen, but it’s a fun idea, and something I might noodle with after I finish the fireman novella and Live and Let Die.


In a perfect world, here’s my schedule for the rest of the year:


View rewrites by end of August

First draft of fireman novella by end of September

60K (or 2/3 done) of Live and Let Die


Ambitious?  Yeah, but dammit, I really want to finish three novellas this year, and I’m 2/3 of the way there, and I’d love to finish Live and Let Die, but I’m being practical for a change *g*.


So what are y’all up to?

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