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Plans for the coming year

To start with, Happy New Year’s Eve, all!!!  Not much going on at Casa Schaefer tonight…we usually just kind of hang out and chill on New Year’s Eve…yeah, I know we’re boring, but we’ve always been that way *g*.


For today’s post, I thought I’d set down my writing goals for the year, amongst other things. 


On the writing front, I’m going to finish Duck and Run (currently sitting at 32K) by the end of February, then work on Live and Let Die.  Looking at my writing projections, if I stick to target, I should have L&LD finished by the end of August, tho I’d love to finish it sooner than that.  After that, I’ll dive into another erotic romance novella for a break *g*, and then start on Die Another Day to round out the year.  Obviously when I pick up an agent (I’ll be starting the hunt again after the first of the year), then everything will change, but that’s the plan, at least for now.


When it comes to releases, I’ve got Into the Fire coming out in July, and if I get an idea for another ER novella that’s teasing my brain, I’ll probably work on it, because I adore the concept of having at least two releases per year while I’m working on my longer stuff.


I’ll also be working on revisions to Summerland and Brotherhood for re-release with Liquid Silver as Sterling titles, though that would mean the print option goes away for the foreseeable future, which kinda bums me out, so I’m waffling a bit on that one.  I guess I’ll see how Sterling sales pan out before I make that decision.


I’m also going to get back into exercising in a big way, even if it’s just to make sure I walk several times a week.  I took a looooong break last year (think at least ten months), and I’m actually looking forward to working up a sweat again.  I think I just went through a bit of a funk on that end (heck, a bit of a funk on all ends *g*), but getting my writing mojo back seems to have jumpstarted the rest, I’m happy to report.


So what do you want to do with the New Year?  I’m not talking resolutions, per se, but rather the things you’d like to see yourself doing…

TABT…Touch Me by Susan Lyons

Ann Montgomery can’t get enough of Adonis, her new massage therapist. He’s hot, he’s hard, and his big, warm hands are melting away every one of her inhibitions. Naked on his table, needing all he can give, Ann surrenders to his sensual touch in intimate sessions that have her begging for more.  Slowly, skillfully, Adonis unleashes a wild side of her-and a fierce desire that will never be satisfied in just one night.


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked this book up, and so it sat on my TBR pile for a bit.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a contemp erotic romance (since I read so many for Liquid Silver).  Whatever the reason, I’m *really* glad I decided to open this one up.  Ann and Adonis are fun, realistic characters that you root for pretty much from the get-go.  Their budding relationship is complicated by everyday stuff, making it all the more bittersweet and hard-hitting when their hearts finally recognize the truth.  This is a contemporary romance in the truest sense of the word…not a serial killer or paranormal creature to be found, though the erotic bent of it makes the story that much more complicated because of the “sex with no strings” agreement.


If you want a fun romp of a book that will make you smile, and then get a little weepy at the end, then definitely pick this one up.  I’ll be adding Ms. Lyons to my TBB list in the future!

Back in the swing of things…

So obviously I took a bit of a break from blogging in December.  Part of it was the holidays, and part of it was the fact I was in the midst of an editing blitz that took up a wad of my time.  Happily, I used my time off last week to power through those jobs, and now I’m ready to spend this week working on “me” stuff.  Heck, I even got my revisions done on Into the Fire last night and fired them off to my crit partners, so today I’m going to dive into revisions on the first chapter of View to a Kill, since everyone who reads it loves the book after chapter two, but I’ve obviously done something wrong with the intro.  Sigh…  I’ve got some good suggestions from friends and beta readers, so now I’m off and running!

I’ll check in with a book review tomorrow, and then back to our regularly scheduled programming after that!

Totally Off-Topic fun…The Snuggie

So I saw this commercial on TV during my Christmas break, and while my thoughts aren’t quite as vitrolic as Cam’s, I have to totally agree with him, even as I giggle with unrestrained glee at his rant (and damn, every other rant he does…I think I have to contact this guy).  For the whole commercial (which is stupidly long) check it out here.

The thing Cam doesn’t touch, which stuck me THE VERY FIRST TIME I saw it was…how much does this look like a total cult??  Maybe it strikes me because I did so much research into cults for The Brotherhood, lo those many years ago, but DAMN.

Perhaps the worst thing is…the Snuggie IS a bathrobe turned backwards, but in my “consumerist” mind, it actually struck me as a good idea until I saw Cam’s rant, and  realized he was totally right.  My $19.95 could be spent SO much more wisely in charity…or damn, in almost anything.

Your thoughts?

Merry Christmas from the Schaefers!

Coming out of deep lurk to say Merry Christmas and share a photo or two!




Movie/Music Monday…In the Valley of Elah (2007)

In the Valley of Elah (2007)  This was a really, really good movie.  While it is touted as being based on a true story, it’s a VERY loose adaptation, in addition to adding several other factual side storylines about PTSD.  So don’t go into viewing this thinking it’s “truth”.  48 Hours has a much more in-depth profile on this case, and it was because I’d seen it I knew Elah was more fiction than fact.


Tommy Lee Jones was fabulous, and I can easily see how he got the Best Actor nomination (but not the win…his costar in No Country For Old Men, Javier Bardem, won). As the father of an Army specialist who is first assumed to be AWOL after returning from Iraq, then is discovered murdered, he’s the picture of laconic grief.  Every expression that passes over his face is a study in fine acting… You get sucked into the movie, into his character, and forget you’re watching a flick, instead investing yourself in each frame.


Charlize Theron was equally amazing as Detective Emily Sanders. She slid into the role so seamlessly, I actually had to look up the movie to see who was playing the character.  Seriously, she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and in this movie, you just don’t see that stunning beauty; instead you focus on the role she plays and her fine acting.


Some reviews I’ve seen from normal schmos like me suggest that this movie is a condemnation of the war in Iraq.  Far from it, at least in my opinion.  Instead, it raises serious questions about how we treat our returning soldiers.


At it’s heart, this is a movie about a man who ends up questioning everything he has ever known…the institution of the military, whom he faithfully served; his son; even the strength of his marriage.


I’d highly recommend this movie to anyone, but be warned, the depictions and emotions in this flick are brutal and gut-wrenching. The NY Times wrote a better review than I ever could, so if you’re interested, check it out here