Monthly Archives: August 2008

Where I’ve Been…

So I know I’ve had an almost nonexistent presence lately…first I was getting geared up for my trip to California for a long-due visit with my mom, quality time with my critique partners and then RWA Nationals.

I’m back, and have finally caught up with my nine gazillion e-mails (both at home and work), so let the blogging begin.

Had a fab time with my mom, and ended up leaving Mariposa only two days before the big fire blew up about ten miles away from her house.  She’s fine, but wore a mask when she went out to walk Xena, her dog, and now it’s out, tho I hear it destroyed quite a few homes.  To be honest, that’s one thing I really don’t miss about California.  Yeah, we get fires here, but nothing like the west coast gets.

Then I went and hung out with Leigh and Skully for six days and had a blast.  You’d think we’d get sick of each other (especially considering we were leaving there to share a room for Nationals) but I never felt that way.  In fact, it was a great bonding time for the three of us (since we’re all scattered across the country), and we not only got a lot of time talking about the market, etc, but we also plotted out a few books and got to attend Skully’s awesome reader’s group at her local borders.

RWA Nationals were a blast, but oh-so tiring.  I had a great agent and editor interview, attended countless parties, played with my chapter mates and picked up a boatload of books.

By last Sunday, tho, I was more than ready for the rolling plains of Oklahoma and my own bed.  We got delayed at SFO for about an hour, which was no big for me, because I had a 90-minute layover in Dallas, but still didn’t get into Oklahoma City until 1130 pm…then my luggage didn’t show, so by the time I’d reported it and got my truck out of hock from long-term parking it was 0100…which means I didn’t roll into my house until almost 3 am.  Luckily I’d arranged to take Monday off, so it really wasn’t that big a deal.  I’d been assured my luggage would arrive on Monday in the early evening, but by the time I went to bed, no dice.  The doorbell rang at 2 am, and sure enough, there was my stuff, so at least I got to use my hair dryer, curling iron and such before work on Tuesday!!

Anyway, I missed y’all, and am glad to be back!!