Monthly Archives: May 2008

Coming out of lurk and book news!!

We’ve been in inspection hell for a good bit now, and it’s OVER!  I think everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief when the inspectors left at about 1100 on Friday.  We got a “satisfactory” rating, which is actually what we needed as an organization, because it says we’re doing our jobs, but we also face challenges, most notably manning.

 Anyway, this weekend I caught up on my huge e-mail backlog, fulfilled some online obligations and am now ready to rock and roll…well, except for the fact work is sending me to Orlando for the week *g*.  It’s kinda funny…we go to these conferences to figure out how to pass an inspection!!!  At least I can impart some info to the folks getting ready to suffer the same fate…LOL!

 On the writing front, while I was eight feet under in paperwork, Breath of Heaven was released by Liquid Silver Books!!  Also, The Saints of Midland came out in paperback!  If you’re looking to buy that one, I’d suggest Amazon, just because it’s a bit less expensive there.

 In other news, my monthly contest info is up on the contest page of this blog, and I’ll post it on Friday as well.

 I figure I’ll get a bit of writing done on my trip, I always do, so I’ll see what book I get into the groove on…Live and Let Die, Duck and Run or Omega Five.

 That’s all for now…and there’ll be a book review tomorrow…yeah!