What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

This is one of those really hard weeks for me.  On Monday it was the one-year anniversary of my father’s death, and even though I’ve come to grips with the idea I’ll never hear his sarcastic wit or words of love again, I know he’s floating around somewhere, cheering me on in everything I do.  And then yesterday, August and I were talking about how we knew exactly what we were doing when the first plane hit the towers.  And then the second… like a said, kind of a hard week.

August’s birthday is coming up, and his sister is coming in to hang with us, so that’ll be a blast and lift some of my doldrums, I’m sure.  I swear, I have the best hubby in the entire world.  Last year, he spent his birthday on a plane coming back from Oregon…

In writing news, I got crits back from Leigh on View to a Kill, and between her, Pat and Skully, I really think this bad boy is getting close!!  I spent the whole weekend working on weaving in some more sensuality, making my hero a bit more alpha and explaining some of the things that were totally obvious to me, since it’s my story *g*, but not so much to them.  I’m basically going to finish up these revisions, then let it sit for two weeks and do one more quick read through before I begin agent stalking.

Because I was more in tune with doing revisions, nothing new on Sea of Dreams, tho that’s on my hot sheet for the next three weeks.  Like I said above, we’ve got company coming in on Thursday and not leaving until Monday, so that pretty much shoots my really productive time in the proverbial foot, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Other than that, I’ve been chilling (and reading…finished two books up over the weekend and another ¾ of the way through two more!) and really enjoying my downtime from doing “stuff”!!

  • Your “start” weight:  235
  • Your current weight: 220 lbs
  • Weight change since your last recorded weight :-2 lbs
  • Total weight change since 1 January:-15 lbs

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  • So sorry about the sad beginning of your week. I can only imagine.

    But congrats on your weight loss. Feels good, huh? (I’ve actually gained the past two-three weeks. I’m trying to get back on track this week, though.)

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