What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

In happy news, I got my iPod back!  Yeah!!!  I can’t recommend the $40 Apple service plan enough.  Hell, the overnight service to-and-from California covers that alone.  I sent my iPod in on Monday and had a new one back by Thursday.  DAMN!  I wish I’d done this, oh, say two months ago when the thing went tango-uniform initially.

And now, because I actually have toonage, I’ve been rockin’ on Sea of Dreams.  It’s scary how much I’d come to rely on music setting my mood when I’m writing.  Hell, as I’m finishing up Sea (wrote 7200 words since Friday), I’ve already started building the soundtrack for Breath of Heaven.  And in doing so, I’m already beginning to get inside Rhiannon’s head.

Sooo, since music is obviously my “thing” when it comes to writing, I thought I’d share my soundtrack for Sea…

  • Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
  • Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
  • Cumbersome – Seven Mary Three
  • Trippin on a Hole in A Paper Heart – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers

There are always two songs that get played with *any* soundtrack for me, and they’re Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots and Selling the Drama by Live.  For some reason, those two songs resonate with me, no matter what I’m writing.

In weight loss news, apparently Labor Day weekend wasn’t a total bust for me, because I lost again (yeah for me!).  Here’s the rundown:

Your current weight : 222 lbs
Weight change since your last recorded weight :-2 lbs
Total weight change to date :-13 lbs

2 Responses to What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

  • Maria says:

    so what was the deal w/ your ipod?? i got a nano for my bday last year but have heard bad things ’bout the battery life….was this your problem?? just wondering if its too late for me to invest in that service plan…..

  • katewilloughby says:

    Hey, congrats on the weight loss. I gained for two weeks in a row, so I’m determined to lose this week.

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