What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

Well, I’m baaaack!  Are you scared yet?  LOL.  Seriously, the last two weeks were just draining at the day job.  I was totally cool with posting on Monday and Tuesday, and then all the steam went out of me.  I didn’t write, heck, didn’t even read much, which you KNOW signifies I’m terribly ill *g*.   Anyway, things have settled down, so now I’m hoping to get back into the swing.  I’ve even been working on my writing…sent View to my last critter, and got about 2K done on Sea of Dreams.  I’m stuck at 5K for Omega Five, but since that’s a proposal and not a contracted book, I’m gonna let it perc for a bit before I start to stress. 

I FINALLY figured out how to put the Wordmeter up in the sidebar (yeah for me!), so I’m going to leave it up there and update as I write (my friend Rachel does this for her books and I think the visual kick in the ass is fantastic). 

Okay, so here’s the plan.  Assuming Leigh (my crit partner) doesn’t think I’m totally smoking dope on View, I’m going to work up a couple-page proposal on the next two books and then go agent shopping.  I have a few in mind already, so keep fingers and toes crossed for me, K? 

Well, off to the day job…have a great one y’all!

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