What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

I’m super jazzed to announce that my fantasy romance, The Saints of Midland, is now available at Samhain Publishing!!  So if you’re of a mind, swing on by and pick up an e-copy.  Print should be out sometime in the spring.

When it comes to “new” writing, it’s been one of those weeks.  Even tho my crit partner and I issued a challenge to each other to get to a certain wordcount by Sunday, I notice that both of us have conveniently avoided e-mailing each other…on my end it’s because I didn’t even get close.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter

6,916 / 30,000

I’m not sure exactly why the words aren’t flowing for me yet…this is a novella, for goodness sakes!  I got my hero, heroine and baddie all figured out, have the story flow in my head, and have even gone back to layer some stuff in, but when it comes to actual production, not so much.  Maybe that means when I actually start putting fingers to keyboard it’ll fly right out in a marathon session.  One can only hope.

I started thinking about why I might be stalling.  Right now we’re going through a bit of an upheaval at work…my sitting commander is getting ready to head to his new job down in Florida, and I truly love that man, so I think I may be in pre-mourning *g*.  Not to say that the new guy isn’t great, he is (we were stationed together in the Azores), but when you’ve had a truly great leader for three years, it’s always hard to see him go, even if you know it’s the best thing for him, and the shake-up of priorities within your group will be a bennie to everyone once the dust settles.

I have my RWA meeting this weekend, and I’m betting that’ll inspire me.  I adore those women and always come back from Oklahoma City feeling recharged and inspired.  Cross fingers for me!

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