Thirteen Things I’ve Found While Moving

  1. Old prescriptions…REALLY old prescriptions or things like LorTab and T3…I can’t even remember the illness that went with some of these!
  2. Totes full of books in the garage I’d forgotten about (luckily I’ve actually read them all!)
  3. A HUGE box of pictures that go waaay too far back…think at least thirty years.  Did I REALLY look like that in 1985?
  4. Wine glasses from vineyards in California I’d forgotten we’d even visited…then again it WAS almost 15 years ago
  5. Christmas wrapping shoved under the bed that has a layer of dust so thick it looked like I was opening a time capsule
  6. Old booze & mixer shoved in the cabinets under the bar…picture open margarita mixers…shudder
  7. The Star Trek (original series) VHS tapes I’d forgotten I even owned.  Hell, they’ve been moved from Yosemite to the Bay Area to the Azores and now to Oklahoma.  Sheesh.
  8. Way too many old magazines that I have no idea why I kept
  9. Sheets for a bed we had many moons ago that were shoved into the back of the linen cabinet
  10. A vegetarian cookbook.  Where in the hell did I get that?
  11. A big box of cassette tapes from God only knows when…think Poison, Fine Young Cannibals & The Outfield
  12. Cooking stuff (fish sauce, hoisin sauce, Karo syrup, that sort of thing) from under the sink that I’ll probably never use, and I’d be scared to even try because they’re soooo old
  13. The shower massager (hey, it actually IS one, like you see on TV *g*) August got me for Christmas a few years ago

3 Responses to Thirteen Things I’ve Found While Moving

  • relliott4 says:

    Hey, I love my vegetarian cookbooks. Good side dishes. 😉

    You know, I have stuff like this. Old tapes and I think open mixers. Maybe I should clean…

  • Kaige says:

    Wow, some neat finds there! We have lurking treasures like that in our house too. Maybe I’ll find some the next time we move. 😉

  • Terri says:

    Rinda — you know, I never thought of it like that! I’ll have to look again *g*

    Kaige — nice to “meet” you! I’m not so sure my junk can be categorized as “treasures”, but it’s kinda fun finding things again!

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