The new Thursday…Blogs…Dionne Galace

Since Thursday seems to be the day that I either don’t post, or come up with something totally weird, structure-wise, I thought it might be fun to recap some of the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. 

Our first up is the “It’s Not Chick Porn” blog run by Dionne Galace.  She does great (totally no-holds-barred) reviews of books, and even funnier, cover art.  I haven’t gotten up the nollies to sub to her yet (but hell, if I can do it for Mrs. Giggles, what am I waiting for?), but it’s on my list of things to do over the next few weeks.  Hopefully she won’t despise the very ground I walk on *g*.

Anyway, she gives us a distinctive reader’s view into what she reads…I have a note of caution tho…she tells it like it really is, in language that may not be compatible with what some folks are comfy with.  Personally, I think it’s a freakin’ riot, which is why I read her blog faithfully every day.  The thing I think I like best is that she doesn’t differentiate between e-pubs and print.  If your book (or cover art) is good, then she’ll tell it straight up…if it sucks, then you’re in for a world of hysterical hurt. 

If you want a totally *fun* read, then definitely swing by this one and check it out on a regular basis. 

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