Talking About Books Tuesday…Dark Horse, Tami Hoag

Okay, to start with, sorry for being MIA last week.  I couldn’t get up the ambition to write more than my freakin’ name down *g*, so just decided to take a break from it all, including writing.  But now I’m baaaack (aren’t you scared??), and here’s our regularly scheduled programming!

Ex-cop Elena Estes once worked for the narcotics division inFlorida—until she took one risk too many.  Her life shattered, she lives in a self-imposed exile where no one can reach her.  But that’s about to change when a twelve-year-old girl asks Elena to find her older sister. The wealthy Palm Beach horsey set into which Erin Seabright has disappeared is a long way from a cop’s world…but it’s even more dangerous.  Elena will need all her street smarts to survive the shadow side of a glamorous sport.  Here a killer will lead Estes down a twisted trail of decadence and receipt and murder.  A race against time and evil.  A race in which Estes is once again the dark horse, where more than just her own life is at stake…and no one is betting on her to win. 

Yet another winner from Hoag, this book is definitely a mystery, with almost no romance whatsoever.  Filled with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy, you’ll find yourself rooting for Elena’s reemergence as a person.  Make no mistake, while this is a whodunit, it’s much more a story about Elena’s recreation of herself…don’t miss one second of this one!

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