TABT…Sleeping with the Agent by Gennita Low

Lily Noretski is as dangerous as she is beautiful.  She’s also a sleeper in possession of a devastating weapon.  As a sharpshooter, Navy SEAL Reed Vincenzio is as emotionless as they come.  Armed with a file on his target, Reed knows what he has to do.  He must win Lily’s confidence, find the weapon…and eliminate her if necessary.  Yet his files don’t even begin to hint at this extraordinary woman’s fire and courage, making this assignment harder than any Reed has ever undertaken.  Lily knows that someone is pulling her strings, but if she is to survive, she must put her life in the hands of this charming, magnetic man who appeared out of nowhere.  Her head tells her she’s in grave peril, but her heart dares her to put everything on the line.  Will the price of her passion prove to be more than she bargained for? 

I’ve read some ho-hum reviews on this book, and I think I understand why…just like in Linda Howard’s Kiss Me While I Sleep, Lily and Reed aren’t your standard romance fare, and accordingly, they don’t always act with honor or predictability.  Now, that’s not to say that they’re not honorable in their own rights…they are, but both use available means to reach their end.  Think Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke from Suzanne Brockmann’s books.  Personally, I *really* liked this book, and powered through it in a day, which meant I pretty much ignored my hubby (then again, soccer was on, so I have an excuse).  When it comes to recommendations, I’ll definitely be picking up the other books in this series (I believe this was the third), because I like Low’s gritty characters and her realistic take on life.  If you’re a Brockmann or Howard fan (of her most recent single title books), then this is definitely something you would enjoy.

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