TABT…Sight Unseen by Samantha Graves

Can an art thief earn an honest living?  Raven Callahan does, with the help of a rare psychic power that lets her read the emotions locked inside ancient objects.  But when her partner is kidnapped and Raven is forced to steal a priceless masterpiece to save him, ESP takes a backseat to quick wits, steely nerves, and the lethal skills she needs to survive.  Ex-cop Dax Maddox made just one mistake on the job, but it took a young rookie’s life and cost Dax his ability to see color.  Now stalking a killer brings Raven into his life-and floods his gray world with vivid and conflicting emotions:  anger and lust, suspicion and awe.  Are the criminals they seek one and the same?  If so, Dax and Raven’s growing need for each other could inspire a madman’s terrifying scheme for the ultimate revenge…

What a great debut novel!  Well, it’s not really a debut (Grave also writes futuristics as CJ Barry).  I loved, loved, loved Raven’s character.  She was a perfect flawed heroine, with real issues and a kick-ass attitude that I adored.  Dax was an awesome hero, with his own flawed past, and again, real issues that had to be worked out in order for their common goal to be solved.  If you like paranormal suspense with truly real and likeable characters, grab this one while you still can!

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