TABT; Blue Smoke, Nora Roberts

Blue Smoke

Nora Roberts

In a word….fabulous!  As a former firefighter, I love it when authors get it right, and Roberts does this in spades in this book.  Told in “chunks”, this book tells the story of Reena Hale, a child who is affected and fascinated by the mechanics of fire, and how she takes that and makes it her career.  The hero, Bo Goodnight, is truly memorable in that he’s a normal dude, no superhero qualities or special forces stuff for this guy, and that makes him someone we can all relate to (and is perhaps, one of the reasons we all love Nora so much)…and get hot over.  The villain was truly chilling, in that you watch his evolution with Reena.  The fact we see too many of these types of stories on the news today brings the reality of the book that much closer to home.  Run, don’t walk, to pick this bad boy up!

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