September Back to School Days Contest

Congratulations to Janet Worley, our August winner!

This isn’t just once-in-a-lifetime.  It isn’t even when one of us has a new book out.  Nope, this contest will be every month, without fail, rain or shine, through thick and thin.  So drop by every first of the month and check out what we’re giving away this time and how YOU can win.

September 2007 prizes!

Autographed copy of Jasmine Haynes’ Rita-nominated anthology, Somebody’s Lover

Autographed copy of Leigh Wyndfield’s Night Whispers Anthology

A custom-designed coffee mug from Dee S. Knight

Autographed copy of the Zodiac Earth anthology from Keira Ramsey

Copy of Larissa Ione’s new e-book download release from Samhain, Snowbound

Here’s how the contest works!

When:  It runs the first of the month through the 20th of the month.  We’ll choose one winner on the 21st and make the notification.  The next contest will then being on the 1st.

How:  To enter, simply go through each of our sites, find the answers to our monthly questions, then send an email with your answers to  The winner will be chosen at random from amongst the entries with the correct answers.  We will contact you, ask for your snail mail address and you’ll get lot of presents!

Who:  Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully, Dee S. Knight, TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsey, Leigh Wyndfield, and special guest author, Larissa Ione.

Restrictions:  You MUST be 18 years or older to enter and US residents only.

September 2007 questions!

Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully

Question:  In Jasmine’s November release, The Fortune Hunter, who is Faith’s best friend?

Leigh Wyndfield

Question:  Who is the heroine in Desert Heat, Leigh’s novella coming in October 2007

Dee S. Knight

Question:  What is the title of the book Dee has coming out in September 2007?

TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsey

Question:  In The Saints of Midland, what holiday does the story begin on?

Larissa Ione

Question:  What is Haley Holmes’s occupation in Larissa’s Sydney Croft title, Riding The Storm?

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