October Welcome to Halloween Contest

Well, I totally screwed the pooch on this one!  I meant to post this last Friday, and completely spaced with everything going on.  Sooo…enter NOW, since the contest only runs through Saturday.  I promise to be better next month *g*. 

   October Welcome to Halloween Contest

Congratulations to Hayley McChesney, our September winner!

October 2007 prizes!

PDF download of JB Skully’s Award Winning Max Starr Series, Book 1, Dead to the Max

Autographed copy of Dee S. Knight’s Your Desire

Autographed copy of Terri Schaefer’s The Brotherhood

Download of a Leigh Wyndfield story – winner’s choice!

Autographed copies of Lisa Renee Jones’s Hard and Fast and Alluring Tales

Here’s how the contest works!

When:  It runs the first of the month through the 20th of the month.  We’ll choose one winner on the 21st and make the notification.  The next contest will then begin on the 1st.

How:  To enter, simply go through each of our sites, find the answers to our monthly questions, then send an email with your answers to skullycontest@gmail.com  The winner will be chosen at random from amongst the entries with the correct answers.  We will contact you, ask for your snail mail address and you’ll get lots of presents!

Who:  Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully, Dee S. Knight, TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay, Leigh Wyndfield, and special guest author, Lisa Renee Jones.

Newsletter:  We’d love to keep you updated on our new releases so we will be adding you to our newsletter lists unless you specifically tell us not to in your email entry.

Restrictions:  You MUST be 18 years or older to enter and US residents only.

October 2007 questions!

Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully/JB Skully


Question:  What is the name of Jasmine’s July 2008 release (sequel to The Fortune Hunter)?

Leigh Wyndfield


Question:  Who is the hero in Leigh’s up coming release Desert Heat?

Dee S. Knight


Question:  What is the name of the singer mentioned in If Only For a Night?

TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay


Question:  In Baptism by Fire, what clan of the Fae does Aidan belong to?

Lisa Renee Jones


Question:  Name the first three books in the Knights of White series which launches in November.

This month’s contest is dedicated to Leigh Wyndfield, who has two releases coming out – Desert Heat on October 30th and Two for the Money on October 31st!

Check out her website for more details!

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