Movie/Music Monday … Last of the Mohicans

Movie:  The Last of the Mohicans (1992) 

Y’know, when it comes to movies that make me go “meh”, this is one of them.  I absolutely LOVE the battle scenes and the authenticity of the politicking (on all sides…the Brits, the French and the various Indian tribes).  I even like Daniel Day Lewis in the early stages of the movie for his laconic stoicism.  But when Madelaine Stowe is introduced and all those long, smoldering looks are exchanged, I just want to gag.  Maybe it’s because I don’t really care for either of the two leads on any given day, but putting the two of them together and conning me into believing their undying love just isn’t going to happen.  IMO, if you’re gonna watch this movie, keep your eyes glued on Wes Studi (Magua), because he steals the show.


What does that say about me as a romance writer?  Makes me wonder if I’ve been watching “good” battle scenes with my hubby too long.  But then again, when I think about it, my favorite “love” stories (or at least the ones made in the last twenty years) always have an overtone of action-adventure, with the romance happening along the way.  Like what?  Well, let’s see… Romancing the Stone for one.  This is an unapologetic romance, but the action never stops, and the romance doesn’t feel forced…it feels “right”.  I can watch this one a million times and still never tire of the storyline and the way it makes me feel happy at the end.


On second thought, maybe that’s it!  Loooong, over-the-top romantic movies (think Titanic) just make me tired.  Yeah, I may bawl like a little girl at the end of them, but it’s unlikely I’ll watch them again.

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  • relliott4 says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one going, “huh?” I didn’t hate the movie, but it wasn’t one I watched more than once. There were a couple of scenes that broke me up pretty badly, tho. 🙂

  • I don’t remember L of the M’s very well, but I love the soundtrack. LOL

  • Terri says:

    LOL! Yeah, it choked me up in places, but only the first time, and as hubby was culling it for the battle scenes, I was writing *g*. Tho the soundtrack was really good!

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