M/M Monday…the head-banging songs that make me smile

So I have a semi-freakish and varied musical catalogue…think everything from Korn to Norah Jones to BB King.  And I’m going through all of my CDs as I prepare to move, so it’s been quite an eye-opener since I forgot I even had some of this stuff.

But what I really wanted to talk about today are the total head-banging songs that get me revved up.  What really made me think of this was when I was driving home from Oklahoma City on Saturday and Bodies by Drowning Poolcame on.  I freakin’ LOVE that song.  Part of my affection for it may be a post 9/11 video circulated around the armed forces (you can pretty much guess at the content), but even now, I don’t associate it so much with that, but rather a driving, compelling beat.  Hell, even my hubby likes it, and he abhors my musical taste.

Another one for me is Stupify by Disturbed.  My speakers get maxed out on that one every time it hits the airwaves or comes through on my iPod.  Same thing with Ten Thousand Fists.  Hearing any of these just makes my day.

AFI also makes my list, because Kill Caustic is what I use to start my day at the office (hey, no-one else is around *g*)

So what about you?

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  • I’ll tell you, but please don’t stop liking me. 😉

    Britney Spears (I know, I know. But I would never get my jiggly ass on the Gazelle without one of her songs.)

    Spitfire by The Prodigy (My head banger song.)

    Beautiful by Flickerstck (Becauase I need to be told.)

  • Terri says:

    Heather — LOL! Hell, I’ll always love you *g*. I’m not so much in to Britney, but I do have my secret loves…eighties music being one of them. Yes, I know (hanging head in shame), but gimme some Duran Duran or Prince and I’m in my happy place! And I LOVE your other two songs…they’re great!!

  • I love Bodies. I downloaded it about a month ago, for one of my ass-kicking scenes. It’s awesome for those. And I love the Disturbed songs, of course. Though I haven’t heard of that last one. I’ll have to look it up.

  • I like Prayer by Disturbed.

    I guess Spitfire is more hard techno than head banging, but I like them both. (They’re from The House of Wax soundtrack.)

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