Fantastic Interview Friday…Merline Lovelace

Well, since I ran out of locations (at least until I visit another fun/weird one *g*), I’m going to slip to something a bit different.  In my monthly newsletter (Musings from the Blonde Side), I interview folks whose stuff I’ve enjoyed tremendously.  This week, I’ll be replaying Merline Lovelace’s interview.  Merline is a fantastic friend, mentor and chapter sister!  And for those of you who haven’t signed up for my newsletter…you get not only this cool insight into an author’s work/thoughts, but also a chance to win a $10 Amazon or Fictionwise Gift Certificate every month!!


Wow…this month I’m totally honored to have author extraordinaire Merline Lovelace visit with us.  Merline writes about pretty much everything, from her totally true-to-life depictions of modern-day military heroes to “oh my gosh” historicals.  I can guarantee that you’ll adore any book you pick up by Merline, and her newest trilogy, centered around PI Cleo North is no exception. As a retired Air Force Colonel, Merline obviously knows her stuff, and it comes through so vividly in her writing that it’s enthralling. Ladies and Gentlemen…Merline!  

MftBS: What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you as an author? Well, let’s see.  This is sorta cool… When I was researching my military thriller LINE OF DUTY, the local base invited me along on an orientation flight aboard an AWACS.  Just after we took off there was an electrical fire aboard the aircraft.  The pilot declared an in-flight emergency, had to jettison fuel, and brought us down on a runway packed with crash vehicles.  I admit to being just a tad nervous, but took LOTS of notes.  Even managed to use most of them in the book! On a more positive note, the neatest thing about being a writer is the ability to travel to the most exotic spots in the States and around the world researching.  I’ve set stories in Malta, Copenhagen, Panama, Bermuda, Hawaii – just about every place we’ve visited. 

MftBS: If you were trying to describe your work to a new reader, what would you say? I’d say I write books that feature men and women who understand the concept of Duty, Honor, Country – whether they’re wearing the short skirts of a Roman Centurion or a USAF flight suit. 

MftBS: Who are three of your favorite writers & why? Only three?  Goan!!!!   How to choose… I love Georgette Heyer for her fantastic character studies.  I first read her in 1967, during summer break from college.  My older sister was home with her kids while her husband was in VN.  I got her hooked on GH, too, and she and I drove to all the libraries in western Massachusetts hunting down books, which we’d read while curled up in a booth at the local pizza joint.  That summer was wonderful!!! I also love Mary Stewart.  I think My Brother Michael is one of the best romantic suspense novels of all time. Of course, I devour every Nora Roberts book as soon as it comes out.  That woman can create knuckle-biting tension with just a few well-chosen words and, oh, those steamy love scenes!!!!  

MftBS: What is your oddest habit while writing? Actually, my oddest habit comes after writing.  When I’m in the last phase of a book, research material, correspondence, and just about everything else gets stacked up to the rafters.  So after I pop a manuscript in the mail, I have this ritual office-cleaning.  I never dreamed I’d look forward to — or enjoy – cleaning so much! 

MftBS: Last but not least…what tidbit of BSP (Blatant Self Promotion) would you like to share with my devoted, die-hard fans? 

Only that I’m thrilled the Cleo trilogy is doing so well.  I had such from with her and Jack and very much enjoyed returning to my air force roots.  It’s great to know other folks are enjoying the series, too. 

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