Fantastic Interview Friday…Jill Monroe

To start with, thanks so much for everyone’s kind words on and off the blog about August’s family.  They still don’t have word if their neighborhood survived, but we’ve got our fingers and other body appendages crossed.

Now, for the fun stuff!  This is an older interview (from last year), but Jill has another new release coming out, TALL, DARK AND FILTHY RICH, so I thought now was the perfect time to bring her interview back to life!


This month we’ve got one of the hottest new authors on the Blaze scene.  Her first book, Never Naughty Enough, was a Temptation, and now she’s launched into the even steamier stuff with a bang!  With no further ado, meet Jill Monroe!

 MftBS: What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you as an author?

Oh gosh, so many.  I think my favorite thing is to talk to people who read my book and liked it.  For so many years I just wrote for myself that to know I brought a smile to someone’s face, or took their mind off that root canal it really makes me happy.

Making an appearance on Neilson’s Top 100 Romance Book Sales for a week (I made 89!) – that was a HUGE rush!

MftBS: If you were trying to describe your work to a new reader, what would you say?

Eclectic!  Honestly, I don’t think any of my books are remotely similar – unless you count the sexy.  And ducks.  Ducks are in every one of my books.  My first published book, Never Naughty Enough, is a short, humorous read.  My second is a suspenseful and much more angsty.  My next three contracted books are also all different from each other.  But still with ducks.

MftBS: Who are three of your favorite writers & why?

The first one is easy – I ADORE Gena Showalter.  Since she’s my critique partner I’m thrilled to be able to read her work first.

Karen Marie Moning is on my autobuy list – I’ve stayed up all night reading her sexy paranormals.  Judith McNaught is the author that got me through Graduate School.  I’d reward myself with a book of hers after a particularly grueling test.

MftBS: What is your oddest habit while writing?

I am addicted to Diet Cherry Coke from Sonic.  I don’t write unless I have one nearby.  I also really like to do laundry while writing.  Something about the sorting, folding, hanging up really makes me itch to get back in front of the computer.  I also think the monotony of the household chore lets my mind rest and my subconscious get to work!

MftBS: Last but not least…what tidbit of BSP (Blatant Self Promotion) would you like to share with my devoted, die-hard fans?

Well, I’d love people to come drop by my blog.  I have a lot of fun doing that and try to post at least once a day during the week.

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