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Rinda tagged me on Wednesday with this post, but I was seriously under the weather and pretty much stayed in bed all day.   Thanks for the smile, darlin’, and for making me think.  Loves ya!

The gist is this:   Recycle a Post. The rules for the meme are simple: go through your archives and pick out a post that you want to share again. Don’t just link to it, reproduce it in its entirety.

Rinda said such nice things about me…it seriously lifted my spirits on a crappy dayT.L. Schaefer–because I just love this woman.  Seriously nuts about her and I don’t see her enough.  We share a lot in common with our views and when we get together, we both forget to breathe, we’re talking that much.  Plus, she’s a fantastic writer I expect to see on the bestseller lists someday.  Hopefully soon. )

Anyway, without further ado…here’s my recycled post!


 I read this article in the local newspaper yesterday ( and thought it was really insightful…and all too true to life considering the author has been in the shit. 

Since we have so many of the folks at our base deploying, I thought this gave a good perspective about what folks coming home are going through.  And nowadays, even for those people not connected directly to the military, don’t most of us know someone who’s been effected by this?

Heck,  August thought it was a great article, and he’s a freakin’ military historian in addition to serving 20 years in the Air Force.

So what do you think?


This one still strikes home for me, probably because I watch people heading to and coming home from both battlefronts on a weekly basis.

Kate — I’ll do your tag tomorrow, promise!

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