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December Happy Holidays Contest

December Happy Holidays Contest

Congratulations to Cathy MacDonald, our November winner!

December 2007 prizes!

  • PDF download of Jasmine Haynes’s More Than A Night
  • From Leigh Wyndfield, a copy of TWO FOR THE MONEY!
  • A print copy of Zodiac: EARTH, signed by Dee S. Knight!
  • From Terri Schaefer, a $20 gift certificate to Amazon… “So you can buy what you didn’t get for Christmas!!”
  • Autographed copy of Rachelle Chase’s Sex Lounge!

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Who: Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully, Dee S. Knight, TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay, Leigh Wyndfield, and special guest author, Rachelle Chase.

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December 2007 questions!

Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully/JB Skully
Question: In The Fortune Hunter Sneak Peek trailer, what does he “up the ante” to?

Leigh Wyndfield
Question: Who is the heroine in TWO FOR THE MONEY?

Dee S. Knight
Question: In Resolutions, which season was my character named for?

TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay
Question: In View to a Kill (excerpt on Works in Progress), what is Sara’s dog’s name?

Rachelle Chase
Question: In SIN CLUB, what two things has Nick Ralston resolved to give up?

Thirteen Research Books I Found While Packing

 So when I moved, I obviously packed up my library, and damned if I haven’t figured out why every new housekeeper we get gives us the eyeball… LOL.

As an aside for writers, the absolute MOST valuable two (at least in my sideline) are…On Combat and On Killing.  I can’t recommend them enough, not only for writing, but for understanding those who choose to bear arms (whether they be cops or soldiers)

  1. On Combat:  The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace
  2. On Killing:  The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
  3. The Big Book of Filth
  4. Practical Homicide Investigation:  Tactics, Procedures and Forensic Techniques
  5. Deadly Doses:  A Writer’s Guide to Poisoning
  6. Crime Classification Manual
  7. “I” The Creation of a Serial Killer
  8. Deadly Doses:  A Writers Guide to Poisons
  9. Making Crime Pay
  10. The Wiccan Mysteries
  11.  Causes of Death:  A Writers Guide to Death, Murder and Forensic Medicine
  12. Murder and Mayhem:  A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for mystery writers
  13. Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns and Goblins, an Encyclopedia

Writing, not reading, lately…

Well, as you saw from my conspicuous lack of a post on Tuesday, not much reading going on in the Schaefer household.  It just seems crazed with the holidays and the pending leave I’ve got coming up for the holidays, so by the time I get home, I’m wiped.  I basically cook dinner and plop down for MASH and Cops, then a bit of writing or answering e-mail.  Wow, I’m definitely living la vida loca!!

In happy news, I’m up to 2,160 words on Breath of Heaven.  I didn’t get as much done over the long weekend as I’d planned, simply because I wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday, and that kinda blended over into Sunday.  That puts me a smidge behind where I’d planned on being, but I also gave myself plenty of cushion time at the end of December.  I’d much rather use that working on either Live and Let Die or Angels of Redemption.  I also got Sea back from crit partner #2 (Skully) and she had some great suggestions I’m going to phase in over the week before I shoot it off to #3 (Leigh).

My critique partners and I set goals this last week, so I thought I’d share mine.  Most of it is dependent on whether I sell View to a Kill to New York…

If I do:  Live and Let Die and Die Another Day, along with a category length erotic book for Black Lace tentatively titled Omega Five

If I don’t:  Angels of Redemption for Samhain, Omega Five, and Paragons of Virtue for Samhain

In non-writing news, we went to Enid Lights up the Plains on Friday night and it was fan-freakin’-tastic!!  It started snowing just as we left the house to run some errands, so by the time we got downtown, it was really coming down.  We’d reserved a table at one of our fave restaurants downtown (Panevino) and enjoyed an awesome glass of Chardonnay and ordered our tapas when the fireworks kicked off.  They were quite simply gorgeous, against the backdrop of falling snow and background Christmas music.  After a truly cool finale, we ventured back inside and enjoyed a leisurely dinner before heading home to our already-decorated house (August did most of it on Thursday while I cooked).  All in all, it was an awesome way to finish up the Thanksgiving holiday, and start the Christmas season.

M/M Monday…Miss Congeniality

M/M Monday…Miss Congeniality (2000) I watched this one again over the weekend.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie, even through its semi-cheesy moments.  Sandra Bullock has a real flair for comedy, something I guess we’re not really used to seeing from her.  Never mind that Ben Bratt is some serious eye-candy in this flick and Michael Caine is hysterical as they flamboyantly gay contestant handler.  Candace Bergen is a hoot as the tyrannical pageant manager, and William Shatner is…well, he’s William Shatner, and he plays his role with unabashed Shatnerness. 

There are some laugh-out-loud moments, and a few “that’s too cheesy for words”, but for the most part, this is a feel-good movie that’s the equivalent of meringue cookies…light and fluffy, with no real damage done.  If you’re looking for a chick flick that even your hubby will enjoy (mine did!), then definitely grab this for some mindless fun.

Friday Interview with… Lori Armstrong

 This month I’m totally jazzed to be bringing Lori Armstrong your way.  I read BLOOD TIES and was totally over the moon for it, so of course grabbed HALLOWED GROUND, and am now anxiously awaiting my Amazon delivery of SHALLOW GRAVE!  Lori’s writing is just phenomenal, and it’s no small wonder that she was nominated for the prestigious Shamus award for her series, and then won Willa Cather Literary Award.  In a word…WOW!With no further ado…I bring you Lori Armstrong!

MftBS: What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you as an author?

Besides getting that all important first contract? And then holding my first book in my hand like a newborn babe? I’d have to say when I recently won the 2007 Willa Cather Literary Award for Best Softcover Fiction. I was stunned, because I’ve been nominated for other awards this year and last, and lost every damn one. I attended the banquet, and let me tell you, it’s a whole lot easier to sit there and choke down your chicken knowing you’ve already won, rather than waiting to hear you’ve lost (which has also happened to me numerous times!) and having to smile when you want to cry or curl up in your room and slam tequila.

MftBS: If you were trying to describe your work to a new reader, what would you say?

Gritty. Dark. Sort of sexy with a thread of humor. I’ve been told the South Dakota setting is an equally important character in the books as any flesh and blood person. My protag, Julie Collins, is a tough tough broad, who’s been knocked around by life – and by various men – and she still manages to be feminine, to come out on top, kicking ass and taking names, yet she has a vulnerable side she shows only those closest to her, but that is a catch-22 because she is damn hard to get close to.

MftBS: Who are three of your favorite writers & why?

Dennis Lehane – because his writing is beautiful and lyrical and every book is a study in how to create a masterpiece.

Sue Grafton – the Godmother of modern female PI fiction and the creator of the fab Kinsey Milhone series.

JD Robb – the “In Death” series is the single best series out there in any genre for me. Period. The way she’s shown Eve’s, as well as Roarke’s character growth throughout the 26 books is amazing and a masterclass in storytelling. The secondary characters add to – rather than detract from – the leads. Robb manages to make the plot important in every single book, unlike some long running series where plots begin to suffer or are simply nonexistent.

MftBS: What is your oddest habit while writing?

I’m normal. I write every day. I take care of the hubby, house and kids. I do some stuff online. That said, it really depends on how far behind I am. If I’m pushing a deadline to the last minute, I’m pretty much MIA from my real life. So far the girls have stuck to the “don’t bug Mom unless you’re bleeding” rule when it’s crunch time. Which means, I live on caffeine, but energy drinks have the opposite effect on me than they do on most folks, so I’m guzzling coffee, Diet Mt. Dew and Diet Pepsi. My husband throws the odd candy bar into our bedroom to appease me.

Umm. That didn’t really answer the ‘oddest’ question, did it?

How about this: rarely do I write anything new on my main computer, I work upstairs in my bedroom on a stone-age laptop without internet access. It keeps me writing instead of goofing off online.

And another one, I single space everything, and keep chapters in separate documents until the book is completely done. Completely. I’m fanatical about it. Only when I’ve written “the end” do I combine the chapters into one document and apply the publisher’s required format. Even if I have to submit a partial, I double space it to send it off, then the document immediately goes back to single space until I’m finished with it.

Ooh, I’m such a rebel, huh? I wish I could say something interesting like I only eat organic or orange food while I’m killing folks and planting bodies…but alas, I’m…boring.

MftBS: Last but not least…what tidbit of BSP (Blatant Self Promotion) would you like to share with my devoted, die-hard fans?

If you like strong, realistic female characters, plenty of plot twists and turns, the occasional sex scene, and aren’t offended by rough language and content, then my books are for you! Run! Don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and demand these books -BLOOD TIES, HALLOWED GROUND, SHALLOW GRAVE – from the Two-time Shamus nominated, Willa Cather Literary Award Winning author, Lori G. Armstrong!

Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

  1. The unequivocal love of my husband
  2. The continued good health and love of my immediate family
  3. Knowing that my father isn’t feeling the pain anymore (Miss you, Daddy!)
  4. Our armed forces.  Freedom really isn’t free, and you safeguard that each and every day
  5. The job that keeps me in clover, no matter how much I bitch about it
  6. The fact I can indulge in my passion, writing, and actually get paid for it!
  7. My critique partners…Jenn, Pat and Skully…I love you guys!
  8. Friends…y’all mean sooo much to me!
  9. The way I feel when I discover a new author
  10. Our new house!
  11. My muse, April (cat #1) and her arch nemesis, Max (cat #2)
  12. The bite of the fall air (it’s finally here!)
  13. The way everyone gets “nicer” during the holidays (tho that doesn’t really compute in Oklahoma…they’re nice ALL the time) 

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

I kicked ass and took names this week!  I finished Sea of Dreams and sent it off to crit partner #1 (Pat) on Sunday, after cranking out 7,000 words over the weekend.  Now she can tell me whether I’ve been smoking crack *g*.

Then, on Monday, I dove into Breath of Heaven, since that world is so fresh in my mind.  I got the first 500 words written, as well as my outline, and looking forward to getting more done over the long weekend.

On that note, happy day-before-Turkey Day, everyone!  In the Schaefer household, it’s just August and I, so we got a smaller bird, and will be dining off of that for some time *g*.  August is going to string the Christmas lights tomorrow as I get the bird and fixings into the oven, and then on Friday, instead of joining the shopping melee, we’ll be decorating the rest of the casa, then heading down to our annual tradition, Enid Lights Up the Plains.  I’ll talk more about that on Saturday, after we go.

So what are y’all’s plans for the holiday?

Edit:  So Pat already sent me her crit (yeah!).  Guess I’ll be working on that this weekend in addition to Breath.  I’m so happy I’m writing again!

TABT…The Lure of the Wolf, by Jennifer St. Giles

Half wolf, half man, Aragon has abandoned his brethren to repay a dept of honor; he is sworn to kill a rogue Blood Hunter, though exacting revenge will doom him to a ghostly existence trapped between two worlds.  But when a mortal woman unexpectedly calls him to her side, the heat of her soft flesh arouses a hunger in him that threatens to complicate his mission.  Dr. Annette Batista, a dedicated healer, is determined to find her missing sister.  With the amulet found at the site of her sister’s disappearance, she unwittingly summons a shadowy warrior.  She wonders if she can trust this powerful male named Aragon, who claims he can vanquish her sister’s captor-the very monster he’s vowed to destroy.  Or is Annette blinded by her shocking passion for the most alluring, mysterious man she’s ever seen?

A great addition to St Giles’ new paranormal series.  This book takes us even deeper into the politics of the “other” side, showing us how Aragon has eschewed his birthright as a point of honor.  The romance between Aragon and Annette is scorchingly hot.  I liked the fact that Annette was a strong enough heroine to deal with all the complexities of world with quick reflexes and an even quicker mind.  She’s a heroine I can get behind.  And Aragon?  In a word…yummy!  If you like your paranormals hot, fast-paced and full of intrigue, you can’t go wrong with St Giles’ books!

M/M Monday…A rant that indirectly pertains to movies and music…

This is actually more about the media in general than movies or music, so bear with me. This time of year I find myself getting crankier and crankier about the glut of holiday commercials I see even before Thanksgiving hits.  For God’s sakes, our digital music stations on the tube are already playing seven (yes, seven) different selections of Christmas music. WTF?  And don’t even get me started on the appalling, guilt-inducing jewelry commercials.  Kay Jewelers springs to mind immediately.  Yeah, I know their jingle by heart because I’ve heard it so often in the past few weeks, and I freakin’ despise them.  If August EVER buys something from Kay, he will suffer serious consequences.  LOL.

Garmin is another.  They started playing their commercials right after Halloween.  Halloween, I shit you not.  I realize we’re a commercial society, really I do, but it never fails to piss me off.  Yeah, I’m a serious consumer at Christmastime, but I’d really like to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start my consumerism, thank you very much.

So what makes you crazy at the holidays?

Monthly contest!

November Happy Turkey Day Contest

Congratulations to Earlene Gillespie, our October winner!

Don’t miss the release of Jasmine Haynes’s The Fortune Hunter, in stores on Nov 6th!

November 2007 prizes!

  • Autographed copy of Jennifer Skully’s It Must Be Magic.
  • From Leigh Wyndfield, a signed copy of Secrets Volume 10!
  • Downloads of Dee S. Knight fairy tales, The Cinderella Curse and Baer of the Three Goldilocks
  • A download copy of Terri Schaefer’s The Saints of Midland
  • Autographed copies of Jodi Lynn Copeland’s After Hours, Body Moves and Operation G-Spot

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When:  It runs the first of the month through the 20th of the month.  We’ll choose one winner on the 21st and make the notification.  The next contest will then begin on the 1st.

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Who:  Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully, Dee S. Knight, TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay, Leigh Wyndfield, and special guest author, Jodi Lynn Copeland.

Newsletter:  We’d love to keep you updated on our new releases so we will be adding you to our newsletter lists unless you specifically tell us not to in your email entry.

Restrictions:  You MUST be 18 years or older to enter and US residents only.

November 2007 questions!

Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully/JB Skully

Question:  What is the third book in the Jasmine Haynes trilogy which started with The Fortune Hunter?

Leigh Wyndfield

Question:  Who are the two men Melissa is trying to choose between in Two For The Money?

Dee S. Knight

Question:  What is the name of the daughter in The Cinderella Curse?

TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay

Question:  In the excerpt from The Saints of Midland, what is the Sheriff’s name?

Jodi Lynn Copeland

Question:  In the Bungalow scene from Body Moves, what object doesn’t fit through the door with Tanner?