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Midnight Secrets, Jennifer St. Giles

Midnight Secrets

Jennifer St.Giles

After her cousin Mary is mysteriously swept away by the sea, Cassiopeia journeys to the Killdaren estate in Dartmouth, disguised as a chambermaid to uncover clues.  What she discovers is the estate’s enigmatic owner, Sean Killarden, and the errie family curse that he bears.  He must be separated from his twin brother—for they are destined to be the cause of their own demise.  As details of Mary’s fate elude her, the shroud of darkness that Sean has created is luring Cassie in.  As tempting as it would be lose herself in such a dangerous seduction, she is determined to resist his wiles and learn more of Mary’s disappearance.  But the answer, Cassie fears, may lie in Sean’s scandalous past or somewhere far deeper, in a twisted maze of passions where there’s no turning back.

Holy crap, what a great book.  Dark, moody and sensual, St. Giles proves that her first book, The Mistress of Trevelyan, was no fluke.  Unlike some other historicals that I’ve read of late, which simply seem to be contemps set in a different year, St. Giles takes us to
Cornwall.  Her writing is strong, poignant and deep.  Even if you don’t care for English historicals…pick this one up NOW, you won’t be disappointed!

Movie/Music Monday: Dishwalla and Invincible

Music:  Hubby got me an iPod for Christmas (yeah for me!), so I’ve been busy loading all of the stuff I hadn’t listened to in forever.  One of those is Dishwalla’s Pet Your Friends.  I’d forgotten how much I adored a HUGE amount of the songs on this album.  Counting Blue Cars is nice (and was their big hit), but Pretty Babies, All She Can See, and Give are much more my style.  The three are blatantly different, with Pretty Babies having a nice pop lilt, All She Can See ranging toward the moody and bluesy, and Give toward the ballady range.  I saw, going to Amazon, that they’ve got some other albums out now, so I’m definitely going to be checking them out on eTunes to see what I’ve been missing!

Movie:  Invincible—Hubby is starting to go through football withdrawals, even before the season ends, so I graciously agreed *g* to watch Invincible with him, and was pleasantly surprised.  This is the semi-true story of Vince Papale, a thirty-year-old bartender/substitute teacher who walked onto the Philadelphia Eagles back in the seventies.  The times are reflected accurately—Philly was in the middle of an economic maelstrom—and the tone of the movie itself was great.  While anyone can log onto Wikipedia and see that Papale’s miraculous signing by the Eagles wasn’t quite as purported in the movie, it’s still an inspirational story nonetheless.  Mark Wahlberg (playing Papale) was very good, and from a woman’s perspective, I certainly enjoyed the sight of him in those tight football uniforms *g*.  If you want to watch a feel-good movie that moves surprisingly fast (even if you don’t particularly care for football), Invincible is a really way to spend an enjoyable two hours.

What is it about a man (or woman) in uniform?

Woohoo…since we talked last Wednesday, I whipped out 11,000 words on View!  I’m very excited *g*, and my critique partners didn’t totally despise what I did with the first two chapters, so cross fiingers for me… Okay, now on with or regularly scheduled programming… 


So I’ve written about some pretty diverse projects in the past (fairies, for goodness sake??  LOL), but when it comes right down to it, for some reason I’m always drawn to cops or Armed Forces, or firefighters.


In review:         (by order written)

            Summerland:  Bill Ashton—Cop
            Arden Jones—AF Public Affairs

            Brotherhood:  Doug Brewster—Cop

            Monarchs (WiP):  Zachariah Ashton—civil war hero

            Saints:  Josh Kent—cop *and* Army medic

            Blink:  Scott Carpenter—Air Force Pararescue

            Baptism:  Aidan Hughes—Firefighter (okay, he’s also Fae *g*)

            Ends:  Logan Whitefeather—Historian *and* ex-AF medic

            Sea:  Mike Alvarez—Firefighter

            Duck & Run (WiP):  Nick McClain—Cop and ex-Army Ranger; Chris Eagan—ex-Texas Ranger

            View (WiP):  Brian Roney—Cop and ex-AF cop

            **Breath (WiP):  Hero unnamed—French Foreign Legion background

            **Fisher King (WiP):  James Brewster—Cop

            **Angels of Retribution (WiP):  Gabriel—Wizard w/no memory

            **Tally Ho (WiP):  Tallie Cavanaugh—AF Flight Surgeon

            **Omega Five (WiP):  Peri—NASA astronaut


In fact, when I look at it, Angels of Retribution (the follow-up to Saints) may be the only one I’ve ever written that didn’t have one of those three factors built in.  So what the hell is up with me?  I mean, I married into the Air Force, and work for the DoD, but damn, until I really looked at it, I didn’t realize how much I’d threaded the “man in uniform” (and heck, the “woman in uniform”) concept throughout.  Maybe it’s because if I’d taken my recruiter’s advice after taking the ASVABs in high school, I’d be done with my career by now, or at least nearing the end??  Who the heck knows *g*.  All I know is that if my husband buys my military dudes (and dudettes), then I’m in like clover, because I know I did it right!  He is, after all, pretty much a military historian.  If I could, I’d put him up against a history professor from West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy any day on Jeopardy, because he’d win!


Oh, and BTW, I don’t really have ALL those stories in progress…the ones with the double stars are the ones I’ve mapped out initial ideas on *g*.

Happy New Year to all!

Hope you and yours have a FABULOUS New Year!

For me, yesterday and today are all about reflection.  Losing my dad in September was a huge blow for me, but I’ve been blessed in having a wonderfully supportive husband, who understood when I went to my quiet place for days at a time.

And now, with the new year dawning,

Flesh and Stone, Vicki Taylor

Flesh and Stone

Vicki Taylor

Mara Kincaide knows what it’s like to live in chaos.  For six years she has operated a shelter for women, bearing witness to the dark side of mankind as well as the great potential for good in humanity.  But when a client who she deeply cared for disappears, a concerned Mara follows her friend’s trail–and ends up falling victim to the same ominous fate.  Powerful, lithe and cunning, Connor Rihyad is a force not to be trifled with, even among the other Gargoyles, who, with him, have watched over humanity for centuries.  But when Mara is “given” to Connor, she senses something about the brooding guardian that separates him from his ageless brethren–an untamed desire that years to be unleashed.

Yet another spine-tingler from
Taylor.  Even though this is a stand-alone book, I’d suggest reading the first in her series, Carved in Stone (another FAB book!!), so you’re fully immersed in the legends and lore of the Gargoyles.  Definitely a tub-worthy book!