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Haven’t done squat…but hey, COOL news!

Well, the last week has been a total freakin’ wash when it comes to the writing front.  I’m halfway through with View to a Kill, but still hitting a stopping point, and I’m not sure why.  If I can’t pull my head out by the weekend, it’s definitely going to my crit partners so I can see if I’m just being dramatic, or if there’s something really wrong with where I’m stalled.  If nothing else, I’m going to start working on Sea of Dreams and see if I can’t push from there.

In HAPPY news, I found out that Baptism by Fire (my first RuneQuest novella as Keira Ramsay) was nominated for the Romantic Times Best Erotic Romance in the Paranormal/Sci Fi of 2006!  To say I was shocked is a SMIDGE of an understatement!  LOL.  Anyway, I have no chance in hell of winning, but it was tres cool to hear that I’d been nominated.  Now I’m just waiting for the magazine itself so I can touch the pages over and over again…obsessively!  LOL.

Talking About Books Tuesday…Dark Horse, Tami Hoag

Okay, to start with, sorry for being MIA last week.  I couldn’t get up the ambition to write more than my freakin’ name down *g*, so just decided to take a break from it all, including writing.  But now I’m baaaack (aren’t you scared??), and here’s our regularly scheduled programming!

Ex-cop Elena Estes once worked for the narcotics division inFlorida—until she took one risk too many.  Her life shattered, she lives in a self-imposed exile where no one can reach her.  But that’s about to change when a twelve-year-old girl asks Elena to find her older sister. The wealthy Palm Beach horsey set into which Erin Seabright has disappeared is a long way from a cop’s world…but it’s even more dangerous.  Elena will need all her street smarts to survive the shadow side of a glamorous sport.  Here a killer will lead Estes down a twisted trail of decadence and receipt and murder.  A race against time and evil.  A race in which Estes is once again the dark horse, where more than just her own life is at stake…and no one is betting on her to win. 

Yet another winner from Hoag, this book is definitely a mystery, with almost no romance whatsoever.  Filled with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy, you’ll find yourself rooting for Elena’s reemergence as a person.  Make no mistake, while this is a whodunit, it’s much more a story about Elena’s recreation of herself…don’t miss one second of this one!

Whining away my Monday…

Sorry gang, no music or movie review today…had the absolute crud over the weekend, so spent most of it watching Frazier (bought hubby the CD for a “what the hell” present) and sleeping… I promise something good next week, tho!!


The new Thursday…Blogs…Dionne Galace

Since Thursday seems to be the day that I either don’t post, or come up with something totally weird, structure-wise, I thought it might be fun to recap some of the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. 

Our first up is the “It’s Not Chick Porn” blog run by Dionne Galace.  She does great (totally no-holds-barred) reviews of books, and even funnier, cover art.  I haven’t gotten up the nollies to sub to her yet (but hell, if I can do it for Mrs. Giggles, what am I waiting for?), but it’s on my list of things to do over the next few weeks.  Hopefully she won’t despise the very ground I walk on *g*.

Anyway, she gives us a distinctive reader’s view into what she reads…I have a note of caution tho…she tells it like it really is, in language that may not be compatible with what some folks are comfy with.  Personally, I think it’s a freakin’ riot, which is why I read her blog faithfully every day.  The thing I think I like best is that she doesn’t differentiate between e-pubs and print.  If your book (or cover art) is good, then she’ll tell it straight up…if it sucks, then you’re in for a world of hysterical hurt. 

If you want a totally *fun* read, then definitely swing by this one and check it out on a regular basis. 

Subconscious calling…

So I’ve hit a snag in View.  A major one.  I have to have my heroine deceive the hero (or lie to him by omission), so I can push them apart after they’ve done the nasty (and no, this isn’t a plot device, just how it rolled out of my head).  This isn’t such a big deal, after all, as a chickie, I can think of a LOT of things I did before I married hubby that qual’d for something along those lines *g*, so that tells me there’s something bigger on the table.  Obviously, my subconscious is telling me that there’s something missing, or something that needs to be extrapolated on, in order for me to move on with this book.  Hell, I’ve already got the final “holy shit” scene written (about 40K ahead of time…it was that clear).  As a pantser, this is where I truly get stuck.  I DO NOT want this to be another Duck and Run (my WIP that’s been languishing for a looong time)…Sara’s character is screaming (and loudly, I might add) to get on with it already, so it’s not that I’m not in touch with her, there’s just something that’s not quite right.  Damned if I know what it is, but if I don’t figure it out by Wednesday, I’m gonna pull in my trusy crit partners (PG Forte, Dee Knight, Jennifer Skully and Leigh Wyndfield), so they can whap me over the head and tell me what I’m missing.  Maybe it’s because I’m really close to this manuscript, maybe even moreso than I have been with the others I’ve written…for some reason Sara really resonates with me (and not in the “I’m gonna go out and buy her presents way” *g*).  Or hell, maybe it’s because I’m expecting edits back on my super-secret Liquid Silver project AND the fact my edits with Samhain (Saints of Midland) should be starting in the semi-near future.  But I don’t think that’s it.  Sara and Roney are too damned demanding right now, which tells me that the story is ready to be told, there’s just a smidge that isn’t right.

Do you experience the same sort of thing, or am I as insane as my hubby says I am (he doesn’t “get” the creative process, but supports me 100% all the same)…

TABT; Blue Smoke, Nora Roberts

Blue Smoke

Nora Roberts

In a word….fabulous!  As a former firefighter, I love it when authors get it right, and Roberts does this in spades in this book.  Told in “chunks”, this book tells the story of Reena Hale, a child who is affected and fascinated by the mechanics of fire, and how she takes that and makes it her career.  The hero, Bo Goodnight, is truly memorable in that he’s a normal dude, no superhero qualities or special forces stuff for this guy, and that makes him someone we can all relate to (and is perhaps, one of the reasons we all love Nora so much)…and get hot over.  The villain was truly chilling, in that you watch his evolution with Reena.  The fact we see too many of these types of stories on the news today brings the reality of the book that much closer to home.  Run, don’t walk, to pick this bad boy up!

M&M Monday…UltraViolet and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Movie:  Ultraviolet…  I was looking forward to this movie, really I was.  But as I watched it, I had to wonder exactly what target audience the filmakers were going for.  I would say teenaged boys (because after all Milla Jovovich is in it) because of the lack of any real story or acting (by anyone) but lots and lots of fighting and cool stunts.  But that went by the wayside as I watched the rest of the movie, and not a bare boobie was seen.  The real problem with this movie, IMO, is that they took what could have been a neato-cool concept and instead of delving into character development/a flowing storyline, they stuck Violet in fight scene after fight scene, where of course she slayed baddies by the dozens (never mind that she’s a baddie herself).  This could’ve been Blade, campy storyline and all, but instead, its a 90 minute waste of time.

Music:  Stadium Arcadium, Red Hot Chili Peppers…  Okay, I have to admit it, I a Peppers ‘ho.  I LOVE their music, and have for over fifteen years.  Heck, when I think about it, I’ve been with the Peppers almost as long as my hubby *g*.  Stadium Arcadium is HUGE…there’s no doubt about that…almost thirty songs…all new stuff that’s pure Peppers…funk, rock, rap, you name it, it’s all blended in this baby.  You’ve probably heard Dani California and Snow (but not the album cut) on the radio, and they’re awesome, but I loved Torture Me (totally jams), 21st Century, and Charlie (rockin’ funk).  I swear, Flea on the bass is enough to give me chills.

Freaky Location Friday…Venice, Italy

Freaky Location Friday 
Venice, Italy (sublocation, Murano) ( 

I’m going international again today.  August and I did a semi-whirlwind swing (three weeks) through central Europe when we were stationed in the
Azores, so I think I’ll be writing about the cities we visited.  This trip was basically our honeymoon (even tho we’d already been married for over five years by then), and because there’s basically NOWHERE to spend your money in the
Azores, we did it up right.  Sooo, to start with, we have the absolutely GLORIOUS city of
Venice, Italy, specifically, the Murano glass blowing factory.
 My dad, who worked for 20th Century Fox back in the 80s, visited there when he was working The Love Boat, said
Venice was dirty and gross.  By the time we visited in ’96, the city had undergone a major revitalization.  The canals were clean (well, as clean as canals can be *g*) and I was thoroughly impressed with the city as a whole as we stepped out of the train station, especially by the first sight to greet you as you leave the building, a basilica that looked freakin’ COOL in the setting sun.

We were fortunate enough to hook up with a guy trying to hawk his last hotel room for the night.  The price was reasonable (for
Italy, at $175 per night), but was a family room (sleeping 8).  By then we were exhausted and just wanted a bed *g*, so followed him to the hotel, about ¼ mile off the
Grand Canal.  We woke up the next morning and ventured downstairs for the free continental breakfast, and lo and behold, the same dude is behind the counter.  Turns out he’s the owner, and was thrilled to have two young Americans staying for several days.  He offered to move us into a standard room while we were out and about (same price) and then asked what we had planned for our first day in
Venice.  When we kinda shrugged, he asked if we’d be interested in touring a blown glass factory on Murano.  Um, HELL YES!  So we got to take his private boat over to the island at a whopping cost of 4,000 lire/person (a little over $2.50/person round trip…holy CRAP), and then had a personal tour of a family-run factory, which of course led us into their showroom, where we promptly plunked down $135 for a gorgeous ice bucket and set of six shot glasses (which we STILL own, thank you very much).  Of course, the stuff that I liked best was the clear, not covered in gold stuff…which was more expensive…go figure.  This was a very in depth experience…we’re not talking about ten minutes in the factory, then come on in and spend your money…nope, we were there for at least three hours, maybe longer, and it was fascinating!
 Okay, that’s it for today, more on our trip next week!

“Language” in Books


So I’ve always had spicier language in my books…and I don’t mean the smutty kind *g*.  In the various contests I’ve entered over the years, I’ve received comments that this kind of language isn’t what readers are looking for.  I find this highly amusing, both as an author and as a reader.  As previously established last week *g*, I write about cops, military types, and firefighters.  I’ve been around these dudes and chicks all my life, and let me tell you, unless they’re around their superiors (and sometimes not then) or are religions, their language is so off the charts, even *I* am taken aback sometimes!!  So, I guess I’m a bit confused by the “readers don’t want to see this” versus real life.  I’ve certainly NEVER had a reader complain to me about language…and as a reader, if I don’t feel that the world I’m entering is real, then I’m going to put down the book.  I mean, seriously, if you’re writing about a cop who’s been on the streets for ten years, and he (or she) says “darn” or “heck” rather than “dammit” or “fuck”, how much can you be immersed in the story?  Let’s be realistic, folks, in my experience (and y’all KNOW I’m an avid reader) read for two reasons…one, to be titillated, in which case such language is fine because they wanna be shocked or two, because they like reading about what they know…and if you screw up in what they know, you’ll have no creds as an author in the future.

Your thoughts??

Slack-ass? You decide *g*.

So I’m sitting here thinking that I’ve been a total slack-ass since I came off break last week (and damned if it didn’t hurt to come back *g*), until I went in and added up what I’d done…6,500 words!  Now considering I’m shooting for 1,000 words per day, and then 3,000 on Saturday and Sunday, I’m actually well under my goal, but I think it was probably because I had to get back into the “you are officially employed by the government” thing.  It’s definitely a completely different kind of thinking than the whole creative muse thing *g*.

I am happy to report that I got the love scene out of the way, and then of course tortured them by separating them again.  Now I’m getting those great “shower” ideas…no, not shower sex (tho that does have a ring *g*), but those moments when your theta thinking kicks in.  Sigh.  While I’ll all about spontaneity, there’s no way in hell I’m hopping out of the shower with soap in my eyes and reaching for the nearest notepad.  Although it would be of great amusement to my husband!!  LOL.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a waterproof recorder!