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Dark Lover…JR Ward

See, this is what I get.  Just last week I was saying I hadn’t read any good vamp books, and along comes JR Ward!  Dark Lover is hot, hot, hot!  With an exceptional premise and tortured heroes you just want to take home and “fix”, Ward starts out her new series with a bang!  Wrath is the defacto Lessening Society, the society bent on destroying them.  Our heroine, Beth is a half-breed, though she doesn’t know it until the change is almost on her.  This being a romance novel, you know they’re gonna be together, but the road traveled is so entertaining!  Be warned, tho, this isn’t your typical vamp novel…it’s dark and violent, maybe too violent for some readers’ taste…but then again, I wouldn’t have my vamps any other way.  Run, don’t walk to pick this bad boy up!

Much ado about nothing…

Hey guys…well, this weekend I took a break from anything writing-related and caught up on the nine million things that needed to be done around the house/town.

It was actually kinda nice (even tho I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to that front for the last two months).  But maybe I needed it, because this morning I woke up rockin’ and ready to write.  Now if only I didn’t have about 50 e-mails to answer *g*!!

So what did y’all do this weekend?

Word count accomplished!

Well yippity skippity, I exceeded my workcount last night…clocked in at 1,200 words, which is pretty good for me when hubby has turned the tube to Dirty Jobs (which I love), especially when they’re doing an Air Force feature.

 My training today was…interesting *g*.  We had a guy come in who did a 6 1/2 hour course on change…specifically in the workplace.  That’s all fine and dandy, but you KNOW I was mining it for stuff I could use in writing.  We got to take a personality test (kind of an abbreviated Briggs-Meyers), which, of course, correctly categorized me as the pain-in-the-ass overachiever that I am (sigh).  I snaked an extra, “clean” workbook so I could copy it and use it to pinpoint all of my character’s attributes and flaws.  Now THAT’S spending the Air Force’s dime wisely *g*.  I did find a whole bunch of stuff I could use in the day job, since I basically coerce people into doing the right thing *g* (i.e., reporting medical incidents, and then learning from them), so they got their money’s worth, right??? 

Talking About Books Tuesday…Out of the Night, Robin Popp

Before I get into the book report, just a quick progress update…I started my quest of writing 1,000 words a day last night, and almost made it…750!  I’m in booooooring training all day today, so am taking my notepad to see if I can’t get a jumpstart on today’s goal!! 


Out of the Night

Robin Popp

This book is the beginning to a gritty paranormal series with a whole new take on vampires…yeah!  I was getting tired of vampire books, because they were all starting to blend into one another.  In Popp’s story, Lanie Weber heads to
South America to collect her father’s things—he died while on assignment.  The hero, Mac Knight, is a medically-retired SEAL who flies her down as a favor to his old admiral.  The vamps in this are very real, and haven’t been seen in the civilized in forever…but the newest vamp has a definite agenda of his own, and it ain’t to benefit humankind.  A must-read if you enjoy gritty paranormals.

Yeah, I’m a big slack-ass…sorta

So I haven’t done squat over the last week except obsess…that’s me, obsessive-compulsive girl.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I got a nibble from an agent.  A real, called me at home (well, on the cell, but you know what I mean), actually SPOKE to me, agent.  To say I was shaking in my pumps when I called her back is a smidge of an understatement.  But I’m sure I sounded calm, cool and collected…yeah, right!  Anyway, I spent the last week working on my proposals for View to a Kill and Duck and Run which about made me pull my hair out at the roots, because I SUCK at synopses.  Anyway, cross fingers, toes, and other appendages for me.  I *should* know within the next month or so if she liked what I sent her, or if I need to throw my net out into the water again.

We’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, with a book review.

Talk to y’all then!


Moving my blog over…

Hi all!  I’m moving over here, because WordPress seems to be “up” much more than Blogger, and I like the whole category gig…I’m going to be slowly uploading a bunch of my older stuff from Blogger, for anyone who’s interested…talk with you soon!


What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday…

Hey gang! Welcome to November! It’s FINALLY cooled down here in Oklahoma…just in time for all of the trick or treaters to freeze their hineys off *g*.

I was actually somewhat productive while I was in Virginia, at least when it comes to the writing front…got about 2,000 words done on View to a Kill, which is really cool since I haven’t really done anything creative since the end of July. I keep trying to write the next in the RuneQuest series (Sea of Dreams), but Sara and Brian keep clamoring to come up front and play, so I guess that makes them the winners in that particular turf war *VBG*.

Other than that, just kinda kicking along…I had oodles of work to do after coming back from Virginia, so haven’t gotten a ton of writing done there (not that I’m supposed to, but you know what I mean).

The docs at our clinic started using the new notepads (about the size of a regular pad of paper and almost as light) to document their encounters and such, and I’ve been seriously eyeballing one for when my laptop takes a dump. You can even write longhand, and it transfers it to typing! Since I have pretty legible handwriting (or at least compared to the docs I work with!), I’m dying to give it a try and see if I can’t cut out a step in my writing process, since I seem to be more creative and productive if I write it out longhand, and then transfer it to the computer. Guess I’m too old-school for the whole brain-dump directly into the computer! Heck, I remember programming DOS in my high school days, so that shows you how far we’ve come in twenty short years.

So what’s going on with y’all? Anything fun? Of interest to the folks that cruise my blog???

Well, I’d better get to work…they’re such sticklers about me actually dragging ass into there on time!! LOL.