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Talking About Books Tuesday…Devil’s Due, Rachel Caine

Happy Halloween & Talking About Books Tuesday…Devil’s Due, Rachel Caine

Howdy, y’all! Happy Halloween! This is a special time of year for me, simply because I write about all things paranormal. Seems like every time I try to write a “straight” story (with no woo-woo factor), it stalls and dies, so I’ve accepted the fact I can’t write anything else, at least not at this point in my career *g*. If you’ve got the notion, check out the blurb on Saints … it a Halloween story, and will probably be released in the Sept/Oct timeframe next year! Okay, onto the book report!

Devil’s Due
Rachel Caine
The second in what I really, really hope is a continuing storyline, this is Lucia’s book and it’s a doozy! Taking up where Devil’s Bargain left off, Lucia & Jazz are working for themselves—and the Cross Society, the super-secret organization that uses psychics, probability and outcome to work the present to their advantage. When Ben McCarthy, Jazz’s old partner, is released from jail, the sparks between he and Lucia are immediate and not something she’s particularly happy about. This book is a scorcher, full of intrigue and danger. THIS is what Silhouette Bombshells should be—go pick this one up and settle in for the ride! Let’s just hope that Harlequin finds a way to keep pubbing books like this, even tho Bombshell has bitten the big one…sigh.